Weight loss scams

Diet pill scams

Spotting a fat burner, diet, diet pill, and weight loss scams is very quite easy. Permanent weight loss only works one way: You have to burn more calories than you consume. That is the ONLY thing that will ever work. This makes spotting diet related heath scams incredibly easy. If the diet pill or weight loss web site you’re reading fails to mention that FACT, your weight loss scam detector should go on full alert.

So do diet pills or fat burners really work? Instead of looking at the sellers claims, let’s look at the facts: Some diet pills are nothing more than fiber or common herbs. These are total diet product, weight loss, or fat burner scams that don't do a thing.

How do some diet pills work? By flooding the body with powerful stimulants. Stimulants will speed up your metabolism- the rate at which the body burns calories to create energy- and suppress the appetite. That’s why you rarely see very many overweight cocaine addicts. Please note: I'm not comparing people that take diet pills to drug addicts, nor am I saying that diet pills are going to lead to drug abuse. What I am saying is that the principal is the same. If you take a drug to stimulate your metabolism, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. That’s why they’re called stimulants.

The plan is for that diet pill to speed up your natural metabolism and create a larger calorie deficit. Fat is your body’s reserve tank of fuel. You can speed up that metabolism all day long, and unless more calories are used than consumed, those fat stores will never be tapped into. Also, all you’re doing is trying to get a drug to do what you were designed to do: Speed up your metabolisms by being active. Pills are just shortcuts. You need to learn how to lose weight yourself. A stimulant pill will prevent you from learning how.

Do you honestly think it’s best to be filled with artificial stimulants for weeks or months? Do you honestly think a chemical shortcut is better and healthier than creating a natural calorie deficit through your own efforts? And think about this: If you couldn’t keep the weight off before you started taking a pill, why would you be able to keep it off after you stop taking it?

Be very honest with yourself here.

The only safe, natural, and permanent way to lose weight is to slowly take it off by creating a small daily calorie deficit. I know just what you're thinking: “But their ad said it was safe and all natural. They promised me there were no side effects. They had dozens of testimonials from satisfied customers.” Of course that’s what they are going to say. They’re trying to SELL you something. I’m very sure they said something similar about Fen Phen before it was pulled off the market for causing heart valve problems.

Once again, look at the FACTS: Nearly two out of three Americans are overweight or obese while spending forty billion dollars every year on weight loss products. Think about that, if any popular diet shortcut worked permanently- would so many people still be overweight?

So what does that fact tell you? It tells you how to easy it is to spot a weight loss or diet scam, because diet pill failures are everywhere.

Why are fat burning scams all over? Follow the money. It’s easier to tell people they can burn fat or lose weight with drugs than it is to tell them the truth. Here's the truth: You don’t need any diet products to lose weight. Weight loss short cuts are either a total scam, or they only make it harder for you to  learn how to permanently keep excess weight off.

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