Detoxification - A Fast Healthy Weight Loss Option

What many dieticians recommend is to gradually shed excess pounds using a long term weight loss diet. Loosing excess weight too rapidly in general can be considered as dangerous and this is not really recommended. This also means that if one is able to loose weight quickly then it is likely that they can quickly gain back wait later on. However, we all like to look our best when wearing a bikini on vacation or attending an important social function such as a wedding. If you want to lose up to seven pounds via a fast healthy weight loss plan in order to look your best for a vacation or special occasion, you can do so without damaging your health.

Knowing More About The Monotrophic Diet

The monotrophic diet is a fast health weight loss plan that anyone can try. This type of diet basically lets you consume only a single type of fruit per meal over the course of one week. For example you could eat apples for breakfast, oranges for lunch and bananas for dinner. On the monotrophic fast healthy weight loss diet you are allowed to eat as much fruit as it takes to feel full. For people that love fruit then this diet plan will easy appeal to them quite obviously, however the monotrophic fast healthy weight loss plan isn't really as easy as it would seem because it prohibits you from consuming any toxins such as caffeine commonly found in chocolate and coffee. This in turn will cause the body to go into withdrawal and you may feel tired or suffer from headaches as a consequence. This fast healthy weight loss diet may be difficult, but it is ultimately good for you because it gives the cells of your body the chance to get rid of unhealthy toxins and replace them with high quality nutrients.

The Fiber Diet

Going on fiber diet or simply eating only fiber for one week duration is another fast healthy weight loss method you can try. The high fiber foods you can consume during this period include certain fruits and vegetables such as pasta, grains, legumes, seeds and nuts as these generally have high fiber content. As the body cannot digest fiber this type of fast healthy weight loss diet works well. The body instead tries to eliminate the fiber as fast as it possibly can by stimulating the colon to dispose of the waste faster and more frequently This action also works to cleanse the colon which indicates that it is actuallu good for you. You will need to increase your water intake during a high fiber diet to avoid dehydration that can be caused by the frequent elimination of waste.

Prevent Yourself From Going To Extremes

The two types of fast weight loss diets recommended above should not be used for extended durations of time. Our bodies still need carbohydrates, protein, fat and essential vitamins and minerals in order to properly funtion. Malnutrition and other effect that can lead to serious health problems could occur if you maintain a fast healthy weight loss diet for longer than the recommended period.