How You Can Become A Weight Loss Success Story

Helpful weight loss stories

The first thing I must admit is this: I’d never imagined becoming a real weight loss success story. I failed at losing weight more than times over thirty years. Sometimes I would succeed at a diet loss plan for a about 2.  A few times I was a “weight loss success story” for about three months.

However, at age 50, I finally got it right. Now I’m going to explain how to become a natural weight loss success story also. Sorry, no crazy yogert diets allowed.

First I share what you need to do, then I tell the most important part: How to permanently lose weight.

Step: 1 Get honest. You must honestly recognize the habits you need to fix. If you refuse to recognize them, you can’t fix them. I know this sounds simple, but you'd be amazed at how many of us short change our futures by refusing to take this honest look at what we do every day when it comes to caring for our precious health.

Step 2: Don't eat processed foods. You never put anything in a car you’re going to get rid of someday besides gas because you know you’d totally riun it. Then why would you put things in your ONE AND ONLY body it was never designed to use for fuel?

Step 3: Get active. What's the number 1 factor in longevity? Aerobic capacity. Your heart and lungs need to be challenged. The same goes for your body's muscles. Your body ages a lot quicker without use. You will rust out long before you will wear out.

Step 4: Take some action. You need to get started doing something NOW. It does not matter what it is. Something is always better than nothing. Nothing is your greatest enemy in the world. Nothing will take away everything, faster than anything.

Action is the true key. Taking action will reveal where you need to review things. It takes one main thing to have a personal weight loss success story: Changing unhealthy habits over to healthy ones. Nothing else will work. This is why diet products don't work and never will: Even if they are for "real" they don't help you change your habits permanently. They are doing the weight loss work for you.

Don't make this more complex than necessary. To succeed, you have to eat right and challenge yourself physically. I repeat, it all about changing the poor habits that make you gain weight over to healthy habits that are PROVEN to make you lose it.

Here's my most useful helpful weight loss success tip: You must have a thought in reserve that is more powerful than the bad habit that is tempting you. It doesn't matter what that thought is, all that matters is that it works when you need it. It could be something as basic as thinking you want to be around to see your grand-babies. I repeat, it just has to be a thought [or thoughts] that are powerful enough for you.

Maybe you can find a motivational weight loss story that has meaning to you. Other helpful weight loss stories might hold just the thought you need. Powerful and inspirational weight loss stories are all over the Internet.

My personal weight loss journey transformed my life and future. As much as I hate to admit it, I got fat and lazy. Now, when most people see my picture, they think it's fake! They just can't believe a fifty year has a body that looks 25. The truth is, I didn't do one special thing. I repeat, I never thought I’d be considered a motivational weight loss story.

All I did was find some thoughts that were more powerful that my weight gain habits. Then every day, I ate right and exercised. In a few short months, I felt just like I did when I was in my twenties. It really wasn't hard or complicated. I never went hungry or deprived myself. My first step was giving up the junk food. Then I started a sensible exercise plan.

Successful weight loss is 99% mental. All you need to do is find a motivator that is powerful enough for you- and then take action.