Keep Close Tabs On Vitamins And Minerals When Dieting

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By Jim Nettleton

Many people who are overweight suffer from an accompanying potentially dangerous syndrome; lack of proper nutrition. Because their eating habits are not balanced, deficiencies in this vital area are relatively common in overweight people. This problem

becomes magnified when they go on a diet.

It is imperative that they pay close attention to getting the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals when dieting. Because dieters in many instances dramatically reduce their food intake while trying to lose weight, the amount of vitamins and minerals consumed are also often radically reduced.

But be careful in your choices of supplements. I'd recommend that you consult with a competent nutritionist who can help you choose supplements that will actually provide your body with the right amounts of vitamins and minerals and will ensure that they contain proper potency. Many commercial supplements do not deliver the potency that they claim. Further, when taken in tablet form, the actual amount the body absorbs is

lessened, thereby reducing the benefits even more.

While the bottle may claim to deliver 100% minimum daily requirements of various vitamins and minerals, by the time those tablets reach your blood stream you could be getting only 30% or less.

Using the best supplements can also help you in your weight loss quest. They contribute to making you feel more full. If you're on a diet and you feel hungry most of the time, beware. Something about that diet is very wrong.

The best possible scenario, if you have it available in your region, is supplementation intravenously, a service along the lines of that offered by the Cherry Hill Center For Molecular Medicine, in Cherry Hill, NJ. You can call Dr. Molly Fantasia at 856-489-0505 if you’re nearby to their clinic. Sure, it costs more than other types of supplements, but the method ensures an extremely high degree of absorption of the nutrients.

If you can afford it, it's best to have your diet personalized for you and you alone. This would require utilizing the services of a dietitian and a nutritionist, although in many instances those two fields are combined in one person, which makes it a lot less financially daunting.

If you follow this path, your chances of being successful in your attempt to lose weight will be considerably higher, since your body won't be craving those things that are missing in less well thought out diets. A lack of the elements that your body needs is one of the major factors in the failure of dieters to achieve their goals.

So follow this plan. Begin by consulting with a qualified nutritionist to make certain you’re getting all the nutrients you need and in sufficient quantities. And if you can, go the intravenous route. The extra effort and/or expense will be well worth it.

I wish you the best in your dieting efforts.

About the author:

Jim Nettleton is a radio & TV professional with over 40 years of major market experience. His wide range of interests include nutrition and working with natural health clinics for many years. Check out his comprehensive weight loss website at