Learn to Train for a 5K

A lot of people wake up in one fine morning and decide they want to 5K Training . The know a sprint won’t give them the exercise they want. 10k and above are frightening distances to cover and most folks don’t have the courage to attempt it from the get go. But 5k (or 3 miles if that sounds more reasonable) is something most people think they can achieve easily. This can be made to happen only as long as it is going about it in the right fashion.

Most people start running because of health or weight concerns. Maybe your doctor told you that you need more exercise. The problem is that everyone wants to start running the full 5k from day one or thereabouts. It never works and trying it will result in a rebelling body, with aches, pains, sprains and a feeling of dejection when they see how little ground they are actually able to cover. This often results in people getting turned off and giving up the idea of running. Its sad, because not only are they missing out on a great form of exercise, but also on a great deal of fun and a sense of personal achievement.

The best way to start is to find a good beginners’ training program to follow. There are books and websites aplenty offering such programs. Remember its all about your own body and how it reacts so choose a program that you are very comfortable with. Stay away from those that promise miracle results in a short time. Things that aren't fun for you or your body is what comes about from doing things this way. Getting into shape for 5k running will take about 2 to 3 months, depending on your age and general condition. You really don't want to try to rush through things. Your aim is to run the distance, not see how fast you have reached the level of running it.

Whatever 5K Training program you choose, stick to it and don’t try to skip steps to speed things up. The plans will have been designed taking a lot of factors into consideration and even if you feel super fit when completing a step and think you can jump ahead one or two, don’t. Its important to remember that your body needs to be prepared and conditioned or else this process is going to be very painful. If you find a program does not suit you for any reason, find another more to your liking and try that.

Begin slowly and regularly. Remember that you should not 5K Running more than 5 days a week – your body needs rest to develop, which it can’t do while it is constantly being exercised. At the same time, don’t give in to the lazy urge and start taking extra days off. That too will ruin our training schedule.

Don’t expect great results from day one. Your body has first ot be conditioned to accept the training it will be undergoing and most programs are designed keeping this in mind. You really want to stick with a program for a good 2 months before you reevalutate your performance and take a look at changing the program. You must keep your expectations in check throughout this process or else you could become very dissapointed.

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Why You Need to Stretch

An easy, effective way to improve your fitness is with a stretching routine. There are a number of advantages that you can realize by sticking to a regular stretching program. This kind of fitness program is recommended by the pros as a way to regain or improve flexibility and to give yourself some protection against possible injury while working out, playing a sport or just your normal activities.

Among the biggest advantages of stretching routines is considerably enhanced mobility. With consistent stretching of your muscles, you'll keep up your current state of flexibility and also continue to improve on it. If you give up on your regular stretching program, you will lose any gains in flexibility that you achieved, and it won't be easy to regain them without a lot of hard work.

For many people, total flexibility is the objective and they opt for a stretching routine that works all regions of their bodies during their workout. A well designed stretching program can be a big help in preventing a range of injuries that commonly take place in day to day life. If you're flexible, you're a lot less likely to sprain your ankle, strain a muscle, or pull a ligament. The reason for this is that your muscles get used to moving in many directions.

As you advance with your stretching program, you'll discover that your joint pain is considerably reduced because they are used more frequently. In addition, well stretched muscles are considered to be healthier due to enhanced blood circulation. Improved blood circulation gives your muscles more of the oxygen and nutrition they need to stay healthy and strong.

A focused stretching routine, similar to those used in physical therapy, can enhance the strength of your muscles a great deal. And it will probably only take a few weeks if you're really determined to perform the movements.

However, a flexibility routine will be effective only if you are performing the moves properly. This means you need to pay attention to your movements to ensure you're doing them the right way. So it will be more certain that you'll gain the most benefits possible from your program.

A stretching routine will improve your sense of well being and boost your body image, whether your objective is muscle toning or an increase in strength. To get the maximum benefit for a stretching routine, you're advised to add it to your schedule at least three times a week.

The Basics of 5Ks versus Marathons

There come a time in the life of every Jogging (or even jogger!) when he thinks about going on to the next level of running. The next two stepping posts are the 10K and then the half marathon. Obvioiusly the final goal is to run a full complete marathon. There is much more to running a marathon so don't be fooled into thinking its just about increasing your body's stamina. The switch from running 5k to running a marathon involves a whole new technique of running, a far greater commitment of the sport, much longer and more arduous training and a completely different mindset.

If you are thinking of stepping up from 5k to the marathon, the first thing to do in consult your doctor and get his clearance that your body can accept the strain and demands that will be placed upon it. Its important that there isn't an age limit to a marathon but you do need to be careful the older you are.

If you have decided to try moving from Jogging to the marathon, here are some factors you need to keep in mind.

· You need to have been running Jogging for at one (preferably two) years. The marathon places huge stresses on your body and unless your body has been conditioned over time to accept the 5k stress, you will not have a base on which to build up to the longer distance.
· Step up from 5k in stages. Do a few 10k runs and then a few half marathons to accustom your body to the demands of the distance.
· At least 3 months before your first marathon, you should be running at least 25 miles a week to condition yourself.
· Read up about the mental conditioning a marathon runner requires. Talk to people who are running the distance. As a beginner you will be running the race in times of over a lonely 3 hours. The mental effort involved in this kind of effort is enormous – its easy to fall into a trance like state and lose track of what is happening in the race.
· Make sure your first race is under the right conditions. It should be in the same climate and on the same kinds of surface where you have been doing your 5k running. What you really want is for your body to start to get used to the strains that is placed on it so you can feel better.
· Be sure in your mind as to why you are running. If it is to test your body and face up to the challenge, that’s fine. If you are doing a marathon for the wrong reasons you will never last so its good to tak a look at the reasons why you want to do a marathon. With that kind of motivation all you will be doing is torturing yourself.

Remember that running a marathon is not just about dragging your half dead body over the finish line.  If that happens, your motivation to run the distance again will evaporate. There is more than just physical preparation for a marathon as your mind mentally needs to be prepared for what you are going through. And your mind should feel that it is something you want to do again.

Jogging Tip is a brand new website that is all about jogging. Jogging tip is your perfect place to join with the rest of your jogging friends. Learn about training for a 5k and running your first 5K race. Come by Jogging Tip.com today to get your free jogging ebooks just for signing up to be a member of the jogging tip website.

A Treadmill or The Firms Wave?

Whichever piece of home fitness equipment you choose, there are several elements to take into consideration.

  • Do you have space in your home
  • How much are you willing to pay?
  • Do you want something that can be hidden away in a closet, or left out all the time?
  • Do Do you only want a cardio workout or are you looking to do strength training as well?

Its really worth sitting down and having a serrious think about these points theres nothing worse than purchasing a home exercise machine and realizing its not what you wanted!

The Firm Wave is a cleverly designed, curved fitness system that can be used in different ways:

  • Curved side down it gives a great fat burning cardio workout that will tone your core and improve your balance.
  • Curved side up it gives a stable base which can be used to perform traditional step exercises.
  • Add exercise bands to create a full-body muscle toning system.
  • You can also use the wave to perform many Pilates exercises.
  • The WAVE can be utilized in a small space and put away in a wardrobe when not in use, making it the perfect piece of equipment for a small spare room or apartment.

Cost-wise, the WAVE represents fantastic value for money at less than $100 (plus P & P), and comes complete with several DVDs and a useful wall chart.

A treadmill, on the other hand, represents a much larger investment, costing from $200 for a manual system, up to several $1000 for a state-of-the-art motorized model with various speeds, programs and inclines. My experience is that spending around $2000 will get you a first-class home treadmill with a lifetime warranty on the frame, a smoothly-running motorized belt that is large enough to be comfortable and long enough to take large strides, and enough programs to ensure you reach your training goals and never become bored!

Oh, and dont forget the heart-rate monitor and calorie-burn counter that are also included on these models. Because treadmills are so expensive installation is usually included in the price. All you have to do is step on and press a button. Treadmills are permanently set up and take up a lot of space, although there are several folding models if space is a premium.

As a Personal Trainer I think both pieces of equipment are excellent and will give you a fantastic workout. However due to it's small price tag and the fact it can be used for far more than just cardio my vote goes to the Wave.

Remember niether piece of exercise equipment is any good unless you actually use it. My personal choice for convenience and value would be the Wave there are not many pieces of equipment that work your heart and lungs, tone muscle, burn calories and strengthen your core, all in one small value-for-money package!

If you would like to discover more about how the Firm Wave can help you lose fat and feel great please click the link now.

Schedule for Running a 10K

Jogging is a sport that many people do all the time and never want to go further than 5K Running . Others create a space to run races and 10K running is interesting and fun.

When you are thinking about 10K running you will need to concentrate on your running. A beginner will have the starting places while an intermediate or advanced runner will concentrate on proving what they have already built.

You will find that a great idea is to set up 3-4 runs each week so you can get to your 10K running faster. Here are some ways to do it:

The first run
If you have been jogging up until this time and you want to move forward, the best way to do this is to start with short runs. You will start with a warm up then do 30 minutes of running. The best way to do the 30 minutes is to start out with 10 minutes of running and then do a harder pace at 2 minutes. This should be a pace that is a little challenging but not uncomfortable. Next, do 3 minutes of easy running.

One of the things that has really helped people to train for a 10K is that face that there is interval training. Repeat the 2 minutes and 3 minutes. If you are attempting to lose a little weight before your competition this will also be effective for that process. Don't forget to do your cool down.

The second run
Now it's time to step your running up a notch if you want to move towards 10K running. Start with a warm up and then run for 35-45 minutes. 5K Training normally because this is going to be the run that you use for maintenance. Next you will want to cool down when finished.

This is important to run this for about eight weeks or so in order to get into the habit of running this time. You will need to be able to run it consistently in order to move towards your 10K running.

The third run
Now is the time to move your 5K Training up to 60 minutes by five minute increments. What you are building to is to be able to run 60 minutes easily. Your 10K running will depend on your ability to pace yourself within the miles you need. What the best part of this is is that your shorter runs will be much easier and you will be closer to meeting the goal of our longer runs.

The fourth run
At this point you want to learn how to pace yourself within the hour. Start out running only in one direction for the first 10 minutes and then turn around and attempt to run a little faster on the way back. What you want to do at this stage is practice speed so the 10K running will be easier.
Once you have these four runs accomplished it's time to add cross training with activities like bicycling, roller bladeing or strength training. Any of these activities will give you the move towards 10K running that you want.

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Learn your Best 10K Running Race Tips

Does running a 10K race sound like fun to you? Would you like your 10K results to be the best from the beginning? If this is the case, its important to prepare yourself and learn the best way to train for this race.

Many people start out jogging and find that they want to run a major race. Some go into it just because they want to run to see what happens and other people want to run because it is competitive. Whatever you motivation there are several things to take into consideration if you want the best 5K Running you can get.

10K's take some time to train for so its best not to limit your training time period to under 6 months unless you are a very experienced runner. If you have been jogging from the beginning it is now time to start running.

To have the best Jogging you will need to think about your food intake and nutrition. You will want to be in the best shape possible and one way to do this is to make sure you have the energy and stamina you need. You will want to start with the basics and that is eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. You also must get plenty of rest so your body can give you the performance you want in order to get the best 10K results.

Your body and running level will need its own personalized training to start training for a 10k. If you are just beginning training you might want to start with learning to run a mile because the 10K results are for 6 miles. You will need to start where you are and move forward. If you have never run a mile before you may want to get comfortable running this distance before you try something more.

Next, you will learn to run 2 miles and move form there. Also, if you want 10K results you can start by 5K Running runs to get a feel for how that works. The point is to make sure you train and try a run at each one of the milestones. Once you work up to the longer distance, your 10K results will work well.

One of the reasons you want to train for 10K results is because you will need to learn to run distance. You may be able to run a mile or two but six miles is quite a bit of running and you will need a great level of endurance.

Another tactic that some people use for better 10K results is to run 12 miles at least a couple times a month. This will help you with endurance and your strength so you can cut down your fatigue in the 10K race.

Once you have been running for awhile you will see your progress and you will have no problem running the 10K race in record time. By being able to see your progress your self-esteem will also grow. This is the key to getting the best 10K results.


Jogging Tip is a brand new website that is all about jogging. Jogging tip is your perfect place to join with the rest of your jogging friends. Learn about training for a 5k and running your first 5K race. Come by Jogging Tip.com today and if you sign up to be a member for free then you get your free jogging ebooks.

5K Race Results and You

Every race will have its results – those who won, those who did well and those who, literally, also ran. Knowing and appreciating the results the 5K Training you take part in is important, not because you want to work up to a world record or even want to compete with the professional runner, but simply to know how your level of fitness and running abilities compares with others in your age group and of you fitness level.

A top level high school athlete will run the 5k in about 15 minutes. The best of college runners and professional will run the distance in around 13 plus minutes. A fit 35 year old should be able to do the race in between 35 to 40 minutes. A 75 year old woman may take about a minute for every year of her age – 1 hour and 15 minutes plus. And all of them are doing times that they should be proud of. So you see, there is a huge variation in the times that can be achieved in a 5k race. It depends on your age, fitness level, how much you run on a regular basis and your motivation.

As an amateur runner you should look at your 5K Training race results in the context of your personal performance, and not in relation to what others are achieving. What is important is how good you feel after running 5k. Tired but also exhilarated? Do you feel like have pushed yourself as hard as you should, with no energy reserves left at the end of the 5k, but at the same time with a high that makes you wish you could do more? If the answers are yes, then your have achieved a good 5k result.

Of course, a race is not like 5K Running . Here you are not running in isolation and there are other runners whose performance you can use to benchmark your own.Where do you start with the benchmarks and what do you actually do with the 5k race results. For example if you area 35 year old female and the top amateur runner of your age group ran it in 28 minutes while you took 43, should you be dejected at your 5k result? Some may ask the question if they are in a good enough physical condition or not and if action needs to take place? Should you up your training and practice to try and reach that level? Not necessarily. Age is not the only grounds for comparison. Perhaps the lady who ran the 28 minutes is not working and has more time to practice. Maybe she is able to spend money on getting professional training. Her motivation may be to do a sub 25 minute 5k race. You may have limited time for practice, may not feel that need to spend money on a trainer and have no such ambitions to go below 25 minutes. The comparison is unfair. When benchmarking your race results, find out more about the people whom you are comparing your performance against. If you are having fun and are comparing yourself to people who are actually in your same age and health then you are doing the right things.

Jogging Tip is a brand new website that is all about jogging. Jogging tip is your perfect place to join with the rest of your jogging friends. Learn the best tips for training for a 5K and what to expect for your first 5K race. Visit the new Jogging TIp.com today to get your free jogging ebooks just for signing up to be a member of the jogging tip website.

Trampoline Safety Advice

How not to use a trampoline

Trampolines have quickly become the must have fun and fitness accessories. But as trampoline ownership has spread so the number of trampoline related injuries have also increased.

The UK based Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) figures tell us that, in 2002, 11,500 people went to hospital after being involved in a trampoline accident. This number was a 50% increase on the previous year and has been increasing ever since. Approximately 75% of injuries took place when there were 2 or more people on the trampoline and the smallest or least heavy person is five times more likely to be injured. A particularly worrying statistic for parents is that children under the age of six are the most vulnerable.

Injuries vary from minor grazes, bruises, strains and whip lash, to broken bones and more serious injuries including paralysis and even death.

The Chartered Institute of Physiotherapy have published some common-sense safety guidelines that anyone owning a garden trampoline should be familiar with.

To avoid injuries they recommend:

  1. Stretching before and after trampolining
  2. Don't push your body too far when trampolining to avoid muscle strain
  3. Control your bouncing and don't go too high
  4. Never attempt somersaults or flips as awkward landings can have serious consequences.

Their twelve point safety advice for trampolines is:

  1. If possible set the trampoline in a hole, with the mat at ground level, to reduce the distance the user could fall.
  2. Always keep trampolines clear of fences, trees and any other yard or play equipment. Erect safety netting around the trampoline perimeter to stop users from falling off.
  3. Ensure trampoline has a securely fastened frame pad to cover the entire spring system, hooks and frame
  4. Place cushioning material (such as wood chips, sand or soft lawn) under and around the trampoline
  5. Check the wear and tear on the trampoline mat and springs before use
  6. Use the trampoline only when the mat is completely dry
  7. Children should always be supervised by an adult. It is not advised that children under age six use large trampolines
  8. Only one person should use the trampoline at a time
  9. Users should always jump in the middle of the mat
  10. Never exit the trampoline by bouncing off - climb on and off carefully
  11. Users should remove all jewellery, buckles or anything that might catch and should not wear hard shoes; socks should be non-slip
  12. Never sit or crawl under the trampoline

Another aspect that must be considered is the quality of the trampoline itself. The current popularity of trampolining means that there is an abundance of cheap trampolines that may actually be unsafe and not meet basic safety standards.

Always check that your chosen trampoline complies with safety regulations and is an appropriate size for your garden or yard.

How to Lose Fat Naturally

Losing fat has always been a constant problem for overweight individuals. Many nurture the dream of achieving six pack abs or a perfect slim figure like fitness models, but seldom succeed in achieving this dream. The main cause for such failure is that they embark on ineffective methods of losing fat. Therefore, a result-oriented approach would mean following a structured and effective fat loss program, and of course, the best among them would be a natural fat loss program.

The first step towards your goal would be to minimize the amount of junk food in your diet. It’s best to cut it out all together, but reduce it as much as you can. Simply trying to reduce your caloric intake without worrying about the quality of your diet will do more harm than good. It will only backfire in the sense that it will result in a decrease in metabolic rate and sometimes lead to malnourishment and other severe health issues.

Therefore, eat a healthy diet by avoiding junk food and food containing high cholesterol and fat. In the same way, eating a low calorie meal five to six times a day instead of having rich food two or three times a day will work wonders. Fat burning foods should also be included in your diet as much as possible. Celery, cucumber, onions, citrus fruits, lettuce, carrots, garlic and apple cider vinegar are some of the fat burning foods that form part of a successful fat loss diet.

Routine exercise should be combined with this new healthy diet in your attempt to lose fat naturally. Cardiovascular exercise and resistance training are the two most common types of exercises. Through simple physical aerobic exercise, one can burn the excess calories in the body. These exercises not only burn excess fat, they also makes you fit physically and mentally. Similarly, weight lifting is an equally effective way to lose abdominal fat to get those six pack abs.

Another natural remedy, which is generally overlooked by most of us, is to push fluids. By drinking enough water, the body will be able to metabolize fat in a much better way and thus contribute to weight loss. By drinking plenty of water frequently, about 62 calories can be dropped from the body. This amount increases significantly if you drink ice water instead of room temperature water, since your body has to work harder to stay warm.

Maintaining a stress-free mind also forms an integral part of a natural fat loss programs. This is because stress and strain tend to directly affect obesity. Regular practice of relaxation exercises will help to keep a cool mind amidst various stressors of life. Moreover, reduced stress means better control over your mind, which in turn, will help you stick to the fat loss program.

Natural fat loss programs use plenty of psychology too. One such strategy would be to switch over to smaller plates. There is a tendency to fill your plate full while eating. So if the size is small, the quantity you put on the plate will automatically be less. Similarly, avoid watching TV while eating food. Studies show that people who eat while watching TV tend to eat more than those that avoid distractions while eating.

As you can see, natural fat loss can be achieved by one, two, or a combination of all of the aforementioned methods. The choice is yours! Choose the methods that work for you and your lifestyle to achieve that perfect figure, which you always wanted to have.

Margerie McNab spent countless hours researching all of the fat loss programs on the market. Please visit www.perfectweight.org, you will find several programs that we have found to be the best.

Effective Plan to Lose Fat Not Muscle

It is our first priority to work out and do whatever is necessary to lose fat and not muscle. After all, who doesn’t like to have or look at a fantastically slim body with the right build? What you are going to need to do may not be exciting, but don’t you worry. Every minute of you working out to lose fat not muscle is going to be worth the time and effort you have to put in. In this article, you’ll not only learn you how to workout but also how you to rearrange your diet for great fat loss results.

When you want to start losing the fat and not muscle, you will have to be prepared to rearrange your entire life style. There are many different kinds of workouts you can do. You can start with a simple 2 mile walk every morning. This is the easiest workout you can do when it comes to making your body lose the fat while keeping your muscles. If you are ready to sweat, you might consider going to a gym to workout as well.

Please do remember not to over stress your body in the beginning at the gym. Just start with a light warm up by using the exercise bike or treadmill for about 10 minutes. Then you can perform a dozen push-ups or more as you wish. Bench pressing is another exercise that helps with fat loss while strengthening the muscles of your arms, chest and back. If you’re just starting out, you really shouldn’t do any heavy weight lifting until you build your strength up, since it could be quite stressful and dangerous to your body. For beginners, it is not advisable to exercise too much at all, since your body isn’t used to the stress. If you over exercise this may result in complex medical problems in the future.

Now that you have started sculpting your workout sessions, you also need to add a few finishing touches on your lifestyle. First of all, smoking is completely off limits for you. Also, drinking should be kept to a minimum. Next, you should have a little peek into your fridge. Unfortunately, you’ll need to eliminate all of the high fat junk food and processed food. All of this unhealthy food should be replaced with lots of protein rich foods like fish and low fat dairy. You also need to stock up on loads of different vegetables and fruits, as you need to make sure that your food intake consists of at least 50% of vegetables and fruits. This will make sure that your body gets everything that it would ever need like vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber while eating fewer calories.

Losing fat and not muscle isn’t all that difficult when you know what to do and can get into a routine. When you follow all this advice properly, you can watch as your fat bids you farewell and your muscles say hello again to you.

Margerie McNab spent countless hours researching all of the fat loss programs on the market. Please visit www.perfectweight.org, you will find several programs that we have found to be the best.

6 Surprisingly Effective Fat Loss Tips

It is very strange that today we are finding ways to override the mechanisms that nature created to save ourselves from starvation. In the past, fat was stored in our body by our system to help preserve energy when we went without food. However, today this fat has started to become our biggest headache. And our body is not to blame for our bad food habits and lazy lifestyles. People forget that we eat to live, not the other way around. If you’ve let extra fat creep up, here are some surprisingly effective fat loss tips that will help you lose your fat.

Fat Loss Tip #1

To help your body burn the fat, drink lots of water – as much as 8 to 12 glasses a day. This helps in increasing the metabolism of your stored fat. So the secret to better metabolism and quick fat loss is definitely huge quantities of water. Also avoid soda and carbonated drinks which will actually dehydrate you.

Fat Loss Tip #2

Exercise regularly. This helps in burning extra calories and helps in keeping you fit! However, you shouldn’t over do it either just to get six pack abs. The most advisable weight loss is 1-2 lbs every week.

Fat Loss Tip #3

Building up muscle is a great way to burn extra fat. Muscle can actually increase your metabolism. So, make use of dumb-bells regularly for this purpose. Also having muscle makes you automatically thinner than the same amount of fat, and they will keep you healthy as well!

Fat Loss Tip #4

Do away with unhealthy fats and oils from your diet. It might not be easy to give up these things at first, since they do add flavor to food. However, you should experiment with different healthy ways of adding flavor. For instance, bring life back into your food by using herbs. The strong flavors of garlic, chilly, curry powder, vinegar, tarragon and rosemary will help you to keep fat at bay.

Fat Loss Tip #5

Use foods and drinks to boost your metabolism. Green tea is a great way to do this. You should also try to eat hot and spicy food. Studies show that they could help increase your metabolism rate by as much as 40%!

Fat Loss Tip #6

Slow down the time you take to consume food. Remember that it takes at least twenty minutes for your body to feel satisfied. So go slow when you eat. You should also cut your meals into 5 or 6 smaller meals instead of three large ones. This will help you to reduce your weight too.

Before you start off on any diet plan, visit your doctor and have a thorough check up. It is necessary to check out your body and ensure that it’s ready for such diet changes. Even exercises should be done under the guidance of a trainer, or you might end up hurting your self. Restricting your calorie content is a very effective fat loss tip. However remember to practice good, healthy eating and don’t starve your self. Finally set realistic fat loss goals and come up with ideas on how to achieve them. With determination, you can surely achieve them in no time!

Margerie McNab spent countless hours researching all of the fat loss programs on the market. Please visit www.perfectweight.org, you will find several programs that we have found to be the best.