Welcome to Urban Rebounders

Getting healthy and losing weight involves two fundamental activities; eating right and exercising. Almost anyone you meet will agree with that. One of the most beneficial and rarely talked about forms of exercise is called rebounding.

In a nutshell, rebounding is all about bouncing up and down on a small mini trampoline. It is much safer than those large backyard trampolines (no safety nets are needed for example) and it actually does provide an excellent all body workout. How do I know that? NASA uses bouncing on trampolines as part of its rehabilitation program for astronauts who have been in a zero gravity environment for a long period of time.

This blog is going to focus on a very affordable brand of mini trampoline, called the Urban Rebounder. Not only is this exercise machine inexpensive to own, it is fun to use, is safe for a large majority of the population, and the Urban Rebounder gives you almost the same quality of exercise as running without the stress to your joints. Enjoy the site and hopefully one day you will become an Urban Rebounder owner yourself.

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