How To Avoid That Your Body Is Going Into Starvation Mode

Are you waiting for the weight loss silver bullet? For the next super duper miracle food that claims you will lose weight and yet you won't have to do anything, even better - you are allowed to eat everything you want? Well there is and will be no silver bullet. All the diets and weight loss supplements are only there to help you with losing weight. The general rule for losing weight is as simple as it can get. Eat less (junk food) and start exercising.

When looking for the right diet plan the only thing that needs to bother you is, to find one that will reduce your calorie intake to a limit where you are losing weight, but at the same time your body gets a balanced nutrition with enough calories so it doesn't go into starvation mode.

Everyone knows that you will lose weight by reducing the calorie intake. But if you are limiting the intake too much, your body will go into survival mode. If you are usually eating around 2000 calories a day and all of the sudden you reduce it to 500 calories, your body will think that you are starving. Your metabolism will slow down and you will lose weight very slow at best. If you are one of those that have reduced their calorie intake, but you don't lose weight, you have to actually increase your food intake.

In most cases this can be avoided by simply changing the foods you are eating. You should be eating lots of raw or steamed vegetables and fruits. Combine these with a moderate amount of lean protein.

A simple rule of thumb is: Eat foods that are available naturally (fruits, vegetables, soy, nuts) and avoid foods that are man made (like baked foods, canned foods, pastries and the like).

If you follow this simple rule then you will reduce your calorie intake naturally and lose weight.