Urban Rebounder Review - Best Exercise Mini Trampoline for under $100?

The Urban Rebounder is a 48" gym quality exercise trampoline designed to give people a very effective low impact workout. It is used throughout the world in homes and popular gyms, is fun, and affordable. It was developed by a man named J.B. Berns (urbanrebounding.com) who has over 20 years of experience of martial arts training. He needed a safe effective way to exercise and stay in shape after he experienced a knee injury. Traditional aerobic exercise systems like step aerobics, running, biking, elliptical training, spinning, etc, where too strenuous on his knee. Thousands of people now use the Urban Rebounder to get either start or get back into an exercise program. This specially designed indoor trampoline is well made, sturdy and will provide a wide range of health benefits to many people of different fitness levels.

It only stands 10 inches tall and 48 inches across. It can be folded up and stored out of the way if you desire (although I recommend leaving it in the open position so it is more motivating to use it).

It comes with 2 DVD's with a wide range of workouts and a setup video.
It has the quality of a gym machine but the afford-ability of a home machine. In fact, famous fitness centers such as Bally's, Crunch, Equinox, Gold's, and the YMCA have rebounding classes that feature the Urban Rebounder.

Summary: This is somewhat of a long post so I will do my best to summarize it on only a few sentences.

The Urban Rebounder is one of the on the market today. The average rating on Amazon is 3.5 out of 5 stars. The price is almost one-third as much as it two closest competitors (and ).

Rebounding has been shown to be twice as effective as running on a treadmill and safe for people who are recovering from injury* or people who want a change to their current fitness program.

Who Would Get the Biggest Benefits from a Mini Trampoline Workout?

The biggest advantage of using an Urban Rebounder (or any other high quality mini trampoline) is that you will be able to do high impact exercises that do not cause significant stresses on your lower body. The rebounding workout can be customized to fit just about any fitness level. If you are older than 12 years of age and less than 300 pounds you can use this exercise equipment to either:
  • get back into shape
  • get some exercise even if you are injured or have reduced mobility or you want to work on specific sports moves and strengthening exercises
  • have fun while exercising
  • you are a runner or used to be a runner but you want a workout that is not as hard on your legs anymore

What does the public think of the Urban Rebounder?

Often you can tell how good a piece of exercise equipment is by asking the people who own one if they like it or not. Amazon has over 100 reviews of the Urban Rebounder from previous buyers. The average customer review is 3.5 stars out of five. While there are too many reviews to go through, I have read a lot of them. Some of the more informative ones include:
  • - 4 out of 5 stars - Better than I expected!
  • - 5 out of 5 stars - My favorite form of aerobics
  • - 5 out of 5 stars -  Great workout; easy on knees so far
  • - 4 out of 5 stars - easy indoor exercise
It is also interesting to note that I read reviews from people in their 40's, 50's, 60's and even one from 71 year old. So it really is usable by anyone who can walk. I even read one review from a
that uses it at home and at the school for therapeutic reasons.  

The Pros of Owning an Urban Rebounder

  1. sturdy construction (a total of six 8 inch metal legs that are 1" in diameter offer a strong base), round deck that supports the mesh is also made from a high quality metal tubing, the springs are larger than most other designs and have a special shape that minimizes stresses - you can work out at your own pace (beginner, intermediate, advanced videos are included but you can simply bounce lightly or run in place vigorously depending on your fitness levels)
  2. can be used if you are recovering from an injury (always consult your doctor beforehand though). There is much less stress on your joints, especially when compared to running
  3. it easy to assemble (be sure to get help opening and closing it, strong recommendation to have 2 people when folding or unfolding the rebounder)
  4. you can use it indoors or outdoors if necessary. Care should be taken to avoid getting it wet though
  5. fun to use. Bouncing is actually quite fun and at the same time it helps stimulate the lymphatic system (the seldom talked about part of the body responsible for cleaning up cellular waste)
  6. excellent form of cardio. It works all major muscle groups, helps build stamina, muscle strength and increase balance and coordination
  7. very good way to work your core abdominal muscles without the strain of doing sit ups or buying another 'uni-tasking exercise machine'
  8. it is an efficient form of exercise. A NASA study revealed that rebounding is up to two times as efficient as running on a treadmill (see below) and even 10 to 15 minutes of bouncing can produce health benefits in many people
  9. comes with 2 workout DVD's that retail for $40. Workouts included on DVD 1 are: First Timers, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Senior, Abdominal. DVD2 contains: Box and Bounce, Dance Bound, Core Bound, Hip Hop Bound. More videos can be ordered if you would like a different flavor of working out
  10. has a stabilizing bar to help with your balance (it is not designed to fully support your weight, but rather their to aid your balance while using the equipment). Personally I used it about 5 or 6 times then I took it off because I did not need it anymore.

Negative aspects of the Urban Rebounder

  1. easy to setup but you do need 2 people. Spring loaded hinges can pinch your hands so READ THE INSTRUCTIONS (sorry for shouting) and wear gloves when folding or unfolding the unit 
  2. children under 12 should not use the rebounder unless supervised by an adult. This is an exercise machine, not a toy 
  3. it is a bit on the noisy side. Place it on a carpet to reduce the noise level. Oil the spring connections with WD-40 to help also. The noise is caused by metal on metal rubbing. There are these yellow plastic tubes that go on the connections but they may slip off over time. I spent an hour putting most of them back on and it really reduced the noise levels a lot. 
  4. it is a bit heavy so don't really expect this to be very portable. It IS capable of being folded up and carried around but unless you have to (like you are a personal fitness trainer) I would not recommend it
  5. some people had a smell issue. The trampoline arrived and had a smell of new vinyl (that's what one person called it). Most people either aired it out for a day or two OR complained and sent back the unit

Tips for Owners

  • keep the instructions and manuals and read them before using the rebounder 
  • wear comfortable shoes that have excellent support 
  • use a spare piece of carpet under it to reduce noise and impact on your floor or existing carpet
  • if you have the room, keep it out in the open as a reminder that exercise can be a daily event

Where can you get an Urban Rebounder for a cheap price?

At this stage you are probably wondering where to buy the Urban Rebounder. I bought my from a TV shopping channel but the price was higher than Amazon's today. So, my suggestion is to if you wish to purchase an Urban Rebounder. Amazon also gives you super saver shipping on most products, including this one.

Why is it recommended?

I am recommending Urban Rebounding for the following 4 reasons.
  1. It is the most affordable high quality indoor mini trampoline on the market today. Closest competitors are the and models but they are about 3 times the price.
  2. I personally own one and can attest to how much fun they are, the high degree of workout that can be achieved and the low stress on the joints when compared to running
  3. According to a very old study done in 1980, rebounding is a more efficient and lower impact form of exercise than running (see below for details).
  4. The urban rebounding workout system has been featured on The Today Show, the Martha Stewart Show, The Doctors, The View, As Seen on TV and has been written up in articles by at least 10 exercise and fitness magazines.
References: As mentioned above, in 1980, NASA performed a study named "Body acceleration distribution and O2 uptake in humans during running and jumping". It was reported in the Journal of Applied Physiology 49(5): 881-887, 1980 If you track down a copy of the report and can understand it (sorry, it was written for scientists, not real people), you will learn that:  
  1. G-forces on the ankles are two times that on your lower back and forehead when running on a treadmill. This is used as evidence as to why people develop lower leg soreness or injuries when running  
  2. G-forces on the ankles are about the same as your lower back and forehead when bouncing and low enough that injury was not likely for normal healthy individuals  
  3. Your muscles will get the same level of work with less oxygen needed which also means less stress on the heart. This means that rebounding is less strenuous than running on a treadmill  
  4. Low impact rebounding (less than 4 Gs) was measured to be as much as two times as efficient as running on a treadmill 
  5. High impact rebounding (4 G's and up) is not any more efficient than running on a treadmill however, the stress on the ankle is still safe enough that injuries should not occur in healthy individuals
If you should ever lose your manual for the Urban Rebounder, you can read it online here.
* always consult a physician before starting any exercise program

Amazon has the best price on the Urban Rebounder

When I was first looking at buying the Urban Rebounder, it was because I saw it advertised on TV. The infomercial I watched had a telephone # to order it. I did so and I ended up paying just over $150 with shipping and handling.

If only I would have waited and checked online. The reason is because today, I was checking out some grilling supplies over at Amazon and for fun, I decided to see if they have the Urban Rebounder for sale. To my dismay they do and the price is under $90 at the moment. So, if you were holding off buying one because you thought it was too expensive, perhaps the Amazon price is affordable now. You can view the complete details below.

Edit: I forgot to mention originally, the Urban Rebound comes with free shipping at Amazon too.

Get Shapely Rippled Abs Goodbye With AbTronic


What is the Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic?

Aside from the regular AbTronic instrument, there is also an Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic, which possesses almost all the same features as the original version. Between these two special exercise products, only two things are different, namely their packaging and prices. More than anything else, many people prefer the Original Equipment Manufacturer version of AbTronic because it is much cheaper than the regular product although they are both very effective in transforming all those flabby guts into well-toned abs.

Regular AbTronic Kit vs. Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic

Generally, the regular AbTronic kit shares many similarities with the Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic with only a few insignificant differences. Both the former and the latter come with a conductive gel, a short belt, and a long belt. Furthermore, both also have an innovative neoprene center piece as well as all the necessary instructions to go with the AbTronic control unit. Furthermore, each of them also comes with a couple of heavy-duty CR-2032 batteries. The only differences between these two products are a bag and weight loss plan, which go with the retail AbTronic package.

Complete with almost everything besides the two items, the Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic is more practical because it only costs a measly $9.95, compared to the original retail price of $120. Based on these all-important facts, it is easy to decide which of these two excellent products are worth buying.

The Benefits and Advantages of Using Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic

By purchasing the Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic, people can enjoy many benefits and advantages. By sending tolerable impulses directly into the stomach area, this handy fitness equipment allows the muscles within that part of the body to relax and contract alternately, just like when people exercise but without involving strenuous activities. This special product works wonders for everyone, even if they are only sitting or in a relaxed standing position.

While toning their abs, the Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic allows people to do almost everything they want. They can use this hassle-free workout equipment even if they are just watching TV, working in their offices, or just reading their favorite books. It is like having a workout almost anytime and anywhere. With the availability of this special product, exercising has never been this easy, convenient, and relaxing.

The Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic also comes with free information about six basic routines that allow people to maximize the efficacy of the product. For a low-impact workout, they can choose the Fat Blaster routine. Meanwhile, those who prefer stronger impact and faster results, they can try the special exercise professional routine called Iron Man, which can produce stronger, tighter, and firmer buns, thighs, and abs in no time. In addition, people can also wear this special toning belt right into their arms for bigger biceps. Another interesting and effective routine is referred to as the Karate Chop, which produces very fast contractions for best results.

To ensure the durability and efficacy of the Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic, this product comes with a special money back guarantee for the first 14 days after purchase. People can make payments through American Express, MasterCard, or Visa. For a flat rate $10 charge, they can already receive the product within a couple of days through USPS.

Kim Hald is writing exercise and fitness articles for both AbTronic and Diet Fads web sites.

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Firm up jiggly arm fat with tricep dumbbell kickbacks!!  Tone those triceps!  No more loose skin.  No more cellulite.  No more extra fat.  No more!!  Turn loose skin, cellulite, and extra fat into firm and fit with this great tricep dumbbell kickback workout!  You’ll want to go ahead and grab a pair of dumbbells (5-10 pounds depending on your preference and comfort).  So lets get toning!!  Start in a standing position.  Lean over to 45 degrees from the hips keeping the back straight and relaxed.  Bend at the knees slightly to prevent back strain.  With your weights in hand, bend arms at the elbow.  From here, kickback by extending both arms back until they are straight.  Hold for a moment to give the tricpes a nice squeeze.  Then, release the dumbbells to the starting position.  Feel those tricep muscles firming up!  Trim the back of the arms with tricep dumbbell kickbacks!

Now try it!  Get into the correct position.  Kickback using the triceps for 2 counts and back to the start for 2 counts.  Do this 20 times.  Complete 3 sets.  Really extend those arms back giving those triceps a good squeeze.  Feel the burn and get results fast doing this tricep dumbbel kickbacks!

Add this to your upper body workout.  Trim and tone those triceps!!

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Power Walking for Weight Loss

Get your cardio on with a fat blasting power walk!  The weather is warming up so head outside and burn some calories!!  Walk alone with some fast beat music or grab your best friend!  Walking is so great for your heart and for you.  No leisure walking this time!  Walk fast.  Walk like you are racing.  Get outdoors or head to the gym!  Warm up first.  Pick up the pace.  Heal to toe.  Pump your arms.  Don’t you dare swing your arms across your body but rather pump them next to you.  Keep your body tall.  Tuck that butt in.  Heal to toe.  Move those legs quickly.  You should be breathing a little harder and sweating more and more.  Boost your metabolism, improve your cardio, and further your fitness level with a power walk!

Now try it!  Do a warm-up walk for 2-3 minutes.  Turn the accelerator on and power walk for 15-20 minutes.  Coo down for 2-3 minutes.  Pump!  Burn!  Move!  Sweat!  Challenge your body by power walking for 30 minutes!  Lose the weight fast with a quick power walk!

Add this to your cardio workout 3 x a week!  Drop inches today!

Did you go on a power walk today?! 

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Yoga Crane - Advanced Movements

Challenge your yoga with the yoga crane!  Tone and stretch your upper body with the crane pose!  This yoga crane pose will be hard at first but with the right balance and focus, you will be a pro!  Lets get started!  Bend your legs and crouch down over your heels.  Lean forward onto your hands.  Keep leaning your weight onto your hands as you bring your knees to your elbows.  It’s all about balance right here!  Don’t give up!  You’ll find the right balance between your upper body and lower body.  Might take several practice rounds, but you can do it!  Improve your strength and flexibility with the yoga crane pose!

Now try it!  Crouch down into the yoga crane position.  When you find your balance, hold this pose for 30-40 seconds.  Rest for 10 seconds and repeat completing 3 sets.  Challenge yourself with a new yoga move…the yoga crane!

Add this to your yoga routine.  This yoga pose isn’t easy, but don’t let that stop you!

How are you doing with this yoga crane pose?! 

This is the 4th day of the 100 push up challenge!  How are you doing with that challenge?  If you haven’t started, start right now!  I’ve been doing mine…hope you are doing yours!  Lets get fit together!  Check it out!!!

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A Review of ABS - Mike Geary

If you're looking to get a stomach flat you may have heard or a study programme on Mike Geary ABS reality.In recent years, has quickly are to be probably the most popular program of abs in the mundo.Lo even use I.

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The question is why does it work and how it works.

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Outer Thigh Lifts - Burn Those Legs

Slip into those jeans with ease doing the outer thigh lift!  Think about it?!  What’s making it hard for those pair of pants to get on?  Lower body need some toning?!  Say goodbye to saddlebags and say hello to sexy!  The outer thigh lift is great for toning and shaping the outer thigh muscles.  This pilates move will slim you down in no time.  Be a ballerina with this exercise!  Lay down on the floor.  Turn to your right side.  Keep the body in a straight line.  Prop yourself up with your right elbow or stay down on the floor.  Keep the lower leg on the ground.  Point your toes.  Lift your right leg squeezing the outer thigh muscles.  Lift as high as you can.  Release back down without touching the ground.  Repeat and switch sides.  Firm up!  Lose the cottage cheese and gain lean muscle with the outer thigh lift!

Now try it!  Get into position on the floor.  Lift the right leg for 2 counts and back down for 2 counts.  Do this 20 times.  Switch sides and repeat.  Complete 3-4 sets.  Really squeeze the thighs and glutes.  Challenge yourself by adding ankle weights.  Get the legs you’ve always wanted today!

Add this to your lower body workout.  Strut your stuff down the street!

Love this outer thigh lift exercise?!  Getting results yet?!

Take care and get fit.