Workout Your Butt with Pilates

Firm up the rear end using a superb pilates buttocks workout! Look outstanding from behind this summer season! Turn several heads! Dress yourself in those skinny jeans with delight and self-confidence! Convert body fat and cellulite in to muscle! Switch flat straight into shapely! Time for you to focus on that rear end!!! Make use of a bosu ball for additional elevation making your bottom work extra hard! Start with a position on the ground face-down. Position the bosu ball beneath your lower abdomen and pelvic area. Fold your arms upward beneath your chin. Flex your legs at the knee till your heels are facing the ceiling. Squeeze and raise the bottom as high as possible. Hold. Release back down without the knees coming in contact with the carpet. Feel the buttocks firming immediately! Build slim buttocks muscles and be rid of body fat using the pilates butt work out!

Now check it out! Begin in a position on the floor while using the bosu ball. Raise your heels while you squeeze the rear end for a couple of counts and release back down for another 2 counts. Try this at least 15 times. Complete three sets. Make sure to really hold and squeeze the bottom at the very top placement. Challenge your self simply by raising and releasing for up to 5 counts! Very little body fat survives after this kind of pilates butt exercise!

Add the above program to your lower body work out! Raise your butt naturally!!

See definition with this excellent firming pilates rear end work out?! Lets get fit together!