Dumbbell Kickbacks Shape Those Triceps

Firm up jiggly arm fat with tricep dumbbell kickbacks!!  Tone those triceps!  No more loose skin.  No more cellulite.  No more extra fat.  No more!!  Turn loose skin, cellulite, and extra fat into firm and fit with this great tricep dumbbell kickback workout!  You’ll want to go ahead and grab a pair of dumbbells (5-10 pounds depending on your preference and comfort).  So lets get toning!!  Start in a standing position.  Lean over to 45 degrees from the hips keeping the back straight and relaxed.  Bend at the knees slightly to prevent back strain.  With your weights in hand, bend arms at the elbow.  From here, kickback by extending both arms back until they are straight.  Hold for a moment to give the tricpes a nice squeeze.  Then, release the dumbbells to the starting position.  Feel those tricep muscles firming up!  Trim the back of the arms with tricep dumbbell kickbacks!

Now try it!  Get into the correct position.  Kickback using the triceps for 2 counts and back to the start for 2 counts.  Do this 20 times.  Complete 3 sets.  Really extend those arms back giving those triceps a good squeeze.  Feel the burn and get results fast doing this tricep dumbbel kickbacks!

Add this to your upper body workout.  Trim and tone those triceps!!

Arms firming up yet as you do tricep dumbbell kickbacks?!

This is the 11th day of the 100 push up challenge!  See definition yet?  Upper body firming up?  Seeing a difference?  If you haven’t started, join today!  I’m doing this challenge all through April right along with you!  I’ve done 40 push ups so far today!  60 to go!  Lets get fit together!  Check it out!!!

Take care and get fit.