Using Pilates Hundreds to Firm Your Tummy

Flatten the belly with pilates hundreds!!  Pilate moves for the abdominals like the pilates hundreds is an excellent way to firm up and tone up the midsection.  Pilates is about stabilizing the area you are working on and sculpting it!  This easy abs workout will shape your core up in no time at all!  Lets get started!  Lay down on the floor face up.  Place your arms down each side.  Straighten your legs to 45 degrees or bend at the knees forming a 90 degree angle.  Lift your head keeping the chin down against your chest.  Bring your arms up and start pumping up and down.  Keep the back pressed against the ground to work your core extra hard!  Between the movement of your arms, resistance of the legs, and the stability of the core, your abdominals are getting one heck of a workout!  Turn flat into fit with the pilates hundreds!

Now try it!  Get into position.  Pump those arms one hundred times!  Really squeeze the abdominals.  Complete 3 sets!  Challenge yourself by keeping your legs straight through each set!  Get sexy abs doing pilates hundreds!

Add this to your abdominal workout.  Turn tummy fat into flat and firm now!

Flattening the tummy with pilates hundreds?!

This is the 12th day of the 100 push up challenge!  See definition yet?  Upper body firming up?  Seeing a difference?  If you haven’t started, join today!  I’m doing this challenge all through April right along with you!  I’ve done 40 push ups so far today!  60 to go!  Lets get fit together!  Check it out!!!

Take care and get fit.