Outer Thigh Lifts - Burn Those Legs

Slip into those jeans with ease doing the outer thigh lift!  Think about it?!  What’s making it hard for those pair of pants to get on?  Lower body need some toning?!  Say goodbye to saddlebags and say hello to sexy!  The outer thigh lift is great for toning and shaping the outer thigh muscles.  This pilates move will slim you down in no time.  Be a ballerina with this exercise!  Lay down on the floor.  Turn to your right side.  Keep the body in a straight line.  Prop yourself up with your right elbow or stay down on the floor.  Keep the lower leg on the ground.  Point your toes.  Lift your right leg squeezing the outer thigh muscles.  Lift as high as you can.  Release back down without touching the ground.  Repeat and switch sides.  Firm up!  Lose the cottage cheese and gain lean muscle with the outer thigh lift!

Now try it!  Get into position on the floor.  Lift the right leg for 2 counts and back down for 2 counts.  Do this 20 times.  Switch sides and repeat.  Complete 3-4 sets.  Really squeeze the thighs and glutes.  Challenge yourself by adding ankle weights.  Get the legs you’ve always wanted today!

Add this to your lower body workout.  Strut your stuff down the street!

Love this outer thigh lift exercise?!  Getting results yet?!

Take care and get fit.