Bouncing and Mini Trampoline Workouts

Jump the fat away with mini trampoline workouts!!  Trampoline jumping works your cardio and fitness.  So if you haven’t already purchased a mini trampoline, now is the time to get one!  You’ll love it because it’s s fun way to workout!  Jumping on a trampoline is a excellent way to burn calories and to get in shape!!  Jump inside or outside!!  Jump to the beats of your music!  Lets get jumping with some mini trampoline workouts!  There are several things you can do, but the main this is to keep moving and jumping.  Your heart rate needs to increase in order to lose those pounds and tone up!  Jump up and down.  Jump side to side.  Jump high.  Jump low.  Jump into a squat.  Jump and twist.  Jump and criss cross.  Jump scissor style.  Jump into jumping jacks.  Jump jump jump!!  Tone up your legs, burn calories, and shed fat with mini trampoline workouts!

Now try it!  Hop up on your mini trampoline!  Start jumping!  Don’t stop!!  Keep moving!  Mix your jumps up for at least 20 minutes.  Challenge yourself by adding a pair of light dumbbells to tone your arms and/or jump for 30 minutes!!  Jump your way to great cardio health with mini trampoline workouts!

Add this to your cardio workout.  Jump to your new body!!

Having fun doing these mini trampoline workouts?!

This is the 8th day of the 100 push up challenge!  See definition yet?  If you haven’t started, join today!  I’m doing this challenge all through April right along with you!  I’ve done 40 push ups so far today!  60 to go!  Lets get fit together!  Check it out!!!

Take care and get fit.