Get Shapely Rippled Abs Goodbye With AbTronic


What is the Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic?

Aside from the regular AbTronic instrument, there is also an Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic, which possesses almost all the same features as the original version. Between these two special exercise products, only two things are different, namely their packaging and prices. More than anything else, many people prefer the Original Equipment Manufacturer version of AbTronic because it is much cheaper than the regular product although they are both very effective in transforming all those flabby guts into well-toned abs.

Regular AbTronic Kit vs. Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic

Generally, the regular AbTronic kit shares many similarities with the Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic with only a few insignificant differences. Both the former and the latter come with a conductive gel, a short belt, and a long belt. Furthermore, both also have an innovative neoprene center piece as well as all the necessary instructions to go with the AbTronic control unit. Furthermore, each of them also comes with a couple of heavy-duty CR-2032 batteries. The only differences between these two products are a bag and weight loss plan, which go with the retail AbTronic package.

Complete with almost everything besides the two items, the Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic is more practical because it only costs a measly $9.95, compared to the original retail price of $120. Based on these all-important facts, it is easy to decide which of these two excellent products are worth buying.

The Benefits and Advantages of Using Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic

By purchasing the Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic, people can enjoy many benefits and advantages. By sending tolerable impulses directly into the stomach area, this handy fitness equipment allows the muscles within that part of the body to relax and contract alternately, just like when people exercise but without involving strenuous activities. This special product works wonders for everyone, even if they are only sitting or in a relaxed standing position.

While toning their abs, the Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic allows people to do almost everything they want. They can use this hassle-free workout equipment even if they are just watching TV, working in their offices, or just reading their favorite books. It is like having a workout almost anytime and anywhere. With the availability of this special product, exercising has never been this easy, convenient, and relaxing.

The Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic also comes with free information about six basic routines that allow people to maximize the efficacy of the product. For a low-impact workout, they can choose the Fat Blaster routine. Meanwhile, those who prefer stronger impact and faster results, they can try the special exercise professional routine called Iron Man, which can produce stronger, tighter, and firmer buns, thighs, and abs in no time. In addition, people can also wear this special toning belt right into their arms for bigger biceps. Another interesting and effective routine is referred to as the Karate Chop, which produces very fast contractions for best results.

To ensure the durability and efficacy of the Original Equipment Manufacturer AbTronic, this product comes with a special money back guarantee for the first 14 days after purchase. People can make payments through American Express, MasterCard, or Visa. For a flat rate $10 charge, they can already receive the product within a couple of days through USPS.

Kim Hald is writing exercise and fitness articles for both AbTronic and Diet Fads web sites.

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