Shape Those Obliques with Ball Exercises

Trim your waistline with a great toning oblique ball exercise!  Time to trim and tone!  Lose the love handles and gain a fit waist!  Get cuts and curves with the use of a stability ball.  Stability ball exercises do wonders for the abdominal and oblique area!  You’ll need a medium to large stability ball.  Lets target those obliques!  Squat down on your knees.  Grab the stability ball overhead.  Straighten your arms.  Pull in and tighten your abs and obliques as you reach to the right side.  Hold and release back to the starting position.  Repeat on the left side.  Move the ball as far as possible without causing pain.  Feel the obliques working and firming up your waistline!  Say goodbye to those love handles for good with this oblique ball exercise!

Now try it!  Get into position.  With the stability ball in air, reach it to the right and hold for 20 counts.  Release back to the middle.  Reach the ball to the left side for 2o counts.  Complete 5 sets!  You can do it!  Challenge those oblique muscles by reach reaching further and by holding the position longer!  Work the waist doing this awesome oblique ball exercise!

Add this your abdominal workout!  Squeeze those obliques!!

Love this oblique ball exercise?!  Working for you?!

This is the 6th day of the 100 push up challenge!  Arms firming up yet?  If you haven’t started, join in now!  I’m doing this challenge all through April right along with you!  Lets get fit together!  Check it out!!!

Take care and get fit.