Why you should lose weight for your health

It is not only that you will be in better shape if you diet to lose fat, there are many more health factors to consider when you weigh too much.

Diabetes is one of the biggest areas of concern with those who are overweight. A big percentage of the populace have diabetes and struggle to manage the health problems that go along with it.

Did you realise diabetes leads to many thousands of people going blind every year. Along with that it also has a large hand in many new cases of kidney disease.

It don't improve as your chances of having heart disease or a stroke increase 4-fold if you suffer from diabetes.

For men being overweight can also cause erectile dysfunction.

When you are overweight you should get your cholesterol levels checked out and your blood pressure as they could both be above healthy.

If you drop just a small bit of fat it can have a dramatic positive effect on your health. It also helps to reduce the risk of you getting other diseases later in life.

Extra pounds can lead to you snoring as fat in the throat can get in the way of breathing when you are lying down. This means you can't sleep well and this leads to your energy reserves dropping the next day.

Just a small loss of fat significantly lowers snoring leading to quality sleep and thus more energy.

A problem with over tiredness is that people eat too much while attempting to boost their energy. In this way you just increase your health problems.

Exercise to lose fat isn't only about appearances. Becoming more healthy ought to be your main goal in life. You don't have to be healthy to be attractive. You can become beautiful by wearing make-up or having surgery. Although, think on this - Does being unattractive kill you in the future?