Pilates At Home

If you are fed up of working out on a family gym that does not fit your body-type or fitness level? Tired of having your exercise equipment take up most of the space in your home? Find it difficult to design an exercise regimen to suit your purposes? Now you can solve all those problems without resorting to professional help. Try the Pilates Power Gym.

Multiple resistance levels provide for a more intense and effective workout. This means that anyone can use it regardless of age, strength level, or body-type. In moments, you can adjust the Pilates Power Gym so that it turns into your individual strength-training machine, crafted to perfection to suit your requirements.

Pilates is the perfect way to achieve that perfectly toned form you've always wanted, and now it's available to you in the comfort of your home. Pilates can easily be worked into any exercise regime that you already follow, for a extensive workout. You can concentrate on a particular problem area, and work at achieving perfectly toned abdomen, arms, legs, back etc. without increasing muscle mass.

The Pilates power gyms strong carbon steel frame can bear up to 16 stone of weight. The machine also comes with many slope levels and various resistance cords in order to allow adjustments, according to the needs of the user. It is built to provide absolute comfort, with padded handles, and comfortable foot straps. It permits for the slow movements that are necessary for Pilates to strengthen muscles, and the spine.

The Pilates power gym comes with an instructional Pilates DVD, which demonstrates and explains the many unique exercise options available to you with the machine, you can use this DVD guide to try many unique exercise routines, and to plan your own system. Different to most other workouts, Pilates is suitable for individuals of almost all age and physical condition, because it is a low-impact method, targeted at achieving the best results.

Pilates is also the best solution for problems such as arthritis, lower-back pain, and bad posture. It deals with muscle related problems by strengthening the core postural muscles and adjusting body alignment. Practicing a mixture of Pilates exercises, improves muscle control, muscle strength and improves joint mobility. Although Pilates works best and gives better results if they are used together with other more vigorous exercises including jogging or brisk walking.

The Pilates power gym is lightweight and can be stored easily, saving you space, while supplying you with all the benefits any regular Pilates machine does, and much more. Switch to the Pilates Power Gym and receive a complete full-body workout, in the comfort and privacy of your living room.