Pilates Exercise Equipment

Some years ago Carroll Krieff became the Pilates trainer to the stars when she opened her very own full-service Pilates studio in Malibu. It was the first of its kind in Malibu. Carroll had always been naturally fit, but early on she discovered that by doing Pilates, her body became more elegant and dancer-like, rather than big and overly muscular like that of a body builder.

After graduating from the Performing Arts Physical Therapy Studio in Los Angeles, she opened her studio which was instantly a success. She discovered the Malibu Pilates Chair to achieve quick results in a short amount of time. This was especially a hit with celebrities who wanted to get toned fast for certain parts. Carroll does her best to make workouts fun. She does not want her customers to feel like they are working. Individuals tend to believe her because of her easy-going, warm personality.

Pilates isn't a Hollywood secret anymore. Women and men across the country use this time-tested method to lose weight, tone their core muscles, and build long, lean, beautifully sculpted muscles.

But many at-home practitioners have noticed that no matter how many videos they use or classes they take, they just aren't getting the results they see in magazines. Stars of stage and screen don't do Pilates the way it is taught in the gym setting they have personal trainers who provide high-priced Pilates machines that add resistance and extra stretch to promote quick, powerful results. These medieval-looking machines can cost thousands of dollars and can take up the space of a small bedroom.

The features that make the Malibu Pilates Chair so unique are the adjustable spring resistance, and the split-step pedals. Simply do some easy, smooth cardio moves. The spring resistance will help support your body as well as exercise your muscles, sculpting your legs, arms, thighs, and buns. Your abs will tone up with every move. You can set the resistance as you get better. This will keep your heart rate up and the number of calories your burn. The split-step pedals cause you to be able to work your arms and legs separately or in concert.

The Malibu Pilates Chair works by directing core muscle groups just like mat Pilates but also adds some resistance and aerobic work to get the heart rate and metabolism up and burning excess calories. Movements that focus on building strong arms, legs, buns, and thighs also work the abs, helping to build a strong core that helps brace and center the body preventing injury and promoting overall health.

The Malibu Pilates Chair is light and closes up for easy storage. You wont have to care about big bulky equipment taking up your room. However, the chair is still very tough and safe. Carroll Krieff guarantees that you will lose a whole size within 10 days of using the Pilates chair for only 20 minutes a day! If you do not, you can get a repayment. As a matter of fact, if for any reason you are not content within the first 30 days of using the chair you can return it for a refund. The Malibu Pilates Chair also comes with some Pilates Workout DVDs and a guide to healthy eating.

Of Course the most apparent benefits of using the chair are weight loss and iinches lost all over the body. Nevertheless, there are extra benefits as well. Your muscles will be toned and you will have more vitality. Carroll used the Pilates chair after each of her 3 pregnancies. Every time she bounced back faster and felt even better than she had before she got pregnant! Order yours today to see a healthier, leaner, and more fit you within the next month!

And what are those results? According to online reviews, they're exactly what Krieff assures quick, effective weight loss (some commentators report losing up to 40 pounds), a reshaped body (4-8 inches off the waist), and a powerful core that supports the body no matter what you put it through each day.