The correlation between divorce and weight loss

Divorce is a major life altering occurrence. It is right up there with losing a loved one to death, losing your job, and moving. It can have many aftereffects, one of which may be weight loss. Now, this can be good or bad, depending on the underlying reasons.

If you lose over 5% of your body weight in a month after divorce, that usually can be attributed to depression. So that would be a negative. By losing weight so fast, you could actually be damaging your health. This would be most noticeable if you see you are losing weight but know you are not trying to lose weight. Weight loss after divorce at a too rapid pace will leave you with a lack of energy and tired out. And at that time, you need to have all your abilities working well, so you should consult a doctor for help.

Weight loss after divorce occurring because you are trying to lose weight is another matter. This would be a good thing. Many times, unhappiness during a marriage can directly cause weight gain. There are many reasons for this. Your spouse may be a saboteur, bringing home goodies they know you can’t resist. Some go so far as to “fatten up” their spouse deliberately so no one else will “want” them. This is usually the case with the skinny or normal man and the fat (sorry about the “f” word!) wife.

If the wife begins to lose weight during the marriage but near the end of the relationship, the husband can feel threatened, and may even say “you’re getting better for someone else”. With discord in the relationship, sometimes for years, proper eating may go out the window. It is not unusual for a wife to gain upwards of 100 pounds in a marriage due to unhappiness. Now when you add, possible preganancies or spousal abuse, then weight gain will go thru the roof.

However, if the wife decides she wants a divorce, she may actually lighten up mentally and physically because she now sees a “light at the end of the tunnel”, thus starting to lose weight prior to the divorce. In this case, weight loss after divorce usually will continue because she is on a recovery track already.

After the divorce, if a spouse wants to lose weight, it is the perfect time, as they rearrange their lives for a new situation. It can be an ideal time to take care of oneself, to find an exercise outlet, eat healthy food, find new friends, and basically get on the right track to a happier, healthier life without interference. Weight loss after divorce in this case is a sign that everything is okay, they are getting better!

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