Is it necessary to stretch before you play golf?

You would be amazed at the agility needed to play the sport of golf.  When golfing, people are using a wide range of the muscles in their body to twist, swing, and follow through on their shots, all of which expose the person to the risk of injury by straining a muscle or pulling a tendon that is tight because it has not been stretched in a while.  Many golfers decide to do a golf stretching exercise before participating in a round of golf to prevent injury from occurring on the course.

Discovering Golf Stretching Exercise Methods

There are many different ways for a golfer to find golf stretching exercise techniques that they can use for stretching their muscles before hitting the golf course for the day.  Which techniques work best vary from person to person, depending on what shape that person is in and also their current level of flexibility.  There are also low impact and low intensity stretches that seniors can do before they golf. 

Golfing pros are teaching golf stretching exercise techniques to people who are interested in learning how to improve their game, and prefer to be taught by the pros.  These exercises are practiced at the beginning of each golfing session and the pro can tell the person whether they are doing the exercises correctly or whether the movements will need to be refined.  After completing the course, the golfer can practice these exercises on his own, before setting out to the golf course.

Golf stretching DVDs, which will tell you in detail the proper way to stretch before you play a round of golf, have been put out by many different experts.  You will be able to find these DVD's in multiple locations. Such locations include: stores specializing in golfing, mass merchandisers, and any store that sells golfing equipment.  The majority of the golf DVD deals with tips to help improve a golfer's game whereas in some cases the golf stretching exercise is only a fraction of the DVD's content.

The world wide web is a good place to find golf equiptment used for stretching exercise and techniques.  Most of these sites will be able to tell you exactly how to do the exercises with pictures so that you can make sure that you are doing them properly.  Most of these websites were either written by or consulted with people that were considered to be experts in the field of golfing and many of the golf stretching exercise techniques described on the website are exercises that they used themselves to keep their body in shape for golfing.