Clenbuterol Facts and Myths

Clenbuterol is quite a common drug used in weight loss treatments and while it is very effective it does have some serious side effects; particularly for dieters and sports people who take it without checking with their doctor first.

Should you make up your mind that this is the weight loss treatment for you, there are a few details you need to know before you even approach your doctor about it. I should first say that this drug has not received FDA approval in the US, though it is largely used all over the world.

Originally Clenbuterol was manufactured as a treatment for people with respiratory disorders; but more recently the discovery of weight loss properties and muscle condition improvements has meant that it is favored by many sports people. More closely resembling ephedra, this is not your typical weight loss drug.

The way Clenbuterol works on a persons system is by increasing the flow of blood and their metabolic rate, which in turn burns unwanted fat. Eliminating as much body fat as possible in order to improve the effectiveness of muscles is every athletes dream but to do this it has to affect certain hormones like adrenalin, dopamine and noradrenalin.

This is one of the reasons for safety and specialists believe that the drug must be given in a gradual build up under the supervision of a doctor. However there are severe side effects associated with the weight loss pills such as insomnia, severe headaches and tremors.

Furthermore, the fat burning effect only appears for three or four weeks after which the body enters a stagnation period and this is why those who take Clenbuterol to treat obesity make a pause of a month or so before starting another cycle.

If you are considering using this weight loss method then be aware that most experts in this subject consider it a dangerous form of weight loss. However, if you decide to use it, you need to be aware of the bad part of the treatment and be ready to counteract its effects.

No-one expects Clenbuterol to disappear just yet while so many countries allow its continued use. If you see a specialist and have a healthy diet and exercise regime worked out for you, this is a far healthier option than drugs that cause damaging side-effects. Yes it works, but consider the long term implications to your health before seeing your doctor about using it.