The T-Bow - Making Exercise Fun

The educated world appears to be getting more overweight and less active by the day; our collective health is worsening rapidly and we get the car out to travel even the smallest distances. We have just got to get more exercise. What you need is a piece of home exercise equipment to do your cardio (pulse raising) exercise on. A treadmill will do the job, so will an exercise bike or elliptical. But they're all so big. And hideous. And horribly pricey. And there's barely enough space to swing a hamster, let alone a cat in the spare room.

Don't panic. There is a piece of exercise equipment that you can do both cardio and resistance exercises on. That doesn't cost a fortune and isn't the size of a small elephant. That will stand against a wall or in a closet and you won't even know it's there.

Its a T-Bow. Made in Switzerland and taking the USA, Canada and the UK by storm!

So what's a T-Bow?

Essentially, it's a piece of heavy duty curved plastic, shaped a bit like a hump-back bridge, with a mat surface on the humped side. This side up, the T-Bow is stable and can be used for Step exercises. There are gaps on each side to fit elastic resistance bands through (available with the T-Bow). Now you can do resistance exercises standing, kneeling or lying on the T-Bow; place your hands on it and do push-ups; the list is almost endless and exercises every muscle in the body!

Then turn the T-Bow curved-side down and the fun really begins; place your feet either side and rock your way to cardio fitness! And because this side is unstable, you have to use your core muscles to balance yourself and unlike a stability ball, you're never more than a few inches from the floor. Exercise was never so much fun - it's like being a kid again! All you need now is some upbeat music with a great beat, and you're off - burning loads of calories while having a good time. A win-win situation!

So there you are. Calorie-burning, fat-blasting, muscle-toning, core-strengthening exercise in a small space at a fraction of the cost of other gym machines. And when you're finished just slip your TBow away in a closet or under the bed and it's out of the way.

Until the next time. You wont be able to keep off it. And neither will your teenager. And the TBow is so robust that even Jaws, the ravening puppy, will have a hard time denting it ?.

Take a look at the T-Bow now; you won't regret it.