Pilates Magic Circle

The Pilates Magic Rings, also called the Pilates Ring are small rings used while doing Pilates exercises. The rings have soft grips for your hands on both sides of the ring, both outside and inside. The rings, commonly made from hardened steel, create resistance when pressing the ring. The Pilates Magic Circle is smartly designed; they can be held between the ankles, thighs, or hands.

By pressing the handgrips closer together, more resistance is created, which makes the exercise harder. The Pilates Circle is employed to increase a regular Pilates exercises level of difficulty. The Pilates Magic Circle is designed to assist with the toning of thighs, legs, buns, arms and chest, by pushing, pulling, lifting, squeezing, and pressing down on the ring during particular exercises. The ring is designed to add gentle or moderate resistance to an exercise. The idea is not to try to crush it, using all of your strength, just add a little resistance.

The Pilates Ring is very portable and durable, not to mention very low-priced. It provides a great workout for a low price. This small piece of equipment will make your exercise not only more effective, but just as important, will make exercise time much more enjoyable. They are easy to store and very versatile. Users of the Pilates Circle love it and the results it brings.

Since their popularity has risen, many variations of the ring have been produced. They now come in a wide assortment of styles and quality and can be bought for $20 up to about $75. Different materials are used by different manufacturers. They are available in different types of flexible metal and some models are made entirely of rubber. Many people find that the rubber Pilates ring is just too mushy. If you have some strength you would likely be happier with a ring made with tempered steel. If your level of strength is on the low side, or you are only looking for a mild resistance, the rubber ring or lite metal versions would be fine.

The Pilates Magic Circle is ideal for use when traveling. They lay flat, weigh practically nothing, and take up hardly any space. If you travel a lot, you may opt to use a rubber ring instead as they are a little easier to carry and weigh less than the metal ones. If you will be using your Pilates Magic Circle at home or at a studio, you may want to choose the more durable metal ring. Either one is fine; you will enjoy the benefits no matter which material you select.

When you are ready to buy a ring do a little research and make sure you buy one of great quality. Find one that supplies the appropriate amount of resistance for your own unique needs and level of fitness. If you have a Pilates teacher ask her opinion, or better yet try one out. The Pilates Magic Circle will bring a new level of enjoyment and effectiveness to your workout.