Tabata Protocol - The Fast Approach to Interval Cardio

Have you ever heard of the "Tabata Protocol"? It isn't a brand new way of performing cardio, but it is rarely discussed in fitness circles anymore. It is really too bad, because I think many people could benefit tremendously by incorporating it into their fat loss routines. It is very similar to Craig Ballantyne's, turbulence training, but done in shorter time frames.

The Tabata Protocol? What Exactly Is It?

The Tabata Protocol was a high-intensity, short interval workout that was intended as an interval routine for the Japanese Speed Skating team. Named after the head coach, Izumi Tabata, Ph.D., who was the former researcher at Japan's National Institute of Fitness and Sports, this fat loss workout has been found to be extremely effective.

So How Is This Interval Routine Different?

The entire routine takes about 13 minutes, but this includes only 3-4 minutes of very intense work. The routine involves 6-8 hard intervals that last 20 seconds each. Alternate with 10-second rest periods. Add in five minutes each of warm up and cool down, and, you’re done!

How on Earth Can 3-4 Minutes Burn Body Fat?

The secret to this type of short-term intense interval training is that it speeds up your metabolism and keeps it there for hours after you’re done. Burning fat for hours after the workout leads to very effective results. Keep your muscles healthy, because your body burns fat instead of muscle tissue.

Short Does Not Equal Easy!

Just because it’s short, it’s not exactly easy. It needs to be done right, and you need to commit to this type of program to see the results you’re looking for. Top athletes have to work hard to get through it, so stick with it and don’t become easily discouraged by how hard it is to get into it. Your aerobic and anaerobic abilities will be better, making you a better athlete, no matter what your sport is.

Practically Anything Goes With the Tabata Protocol Workout.

The choices are nearly limitless for this method of cardio workout. Try an exercise bike, an elliptical trainer, or a track. Pretty much the only poor choice is a treadmill, only because it takes too long for the treadmill to adjust to different speeds and these intervals are so short. Anything that allows you to reach an intense level of exertion quickly will work perfectly.

The Tabata Protocol Will Improve Your Skills In Your Chosen Sport

Whether you’re a boxer, a basketball player, or a gymnast, intense interval work can improve your abilities. Athletic performance at any level will improve as a result of using these methods in a committed way.

How You Can Fit This In With Your Regular Workouts

This isn't the type of training that you will want to do every day or even every other day. Intense interval training like this is effective, but can really tax your system. If you workout this hard every day you will be so worn out it will be easy to skip working out altogether. Don't make this mistake! Aim for 2-3 days per week to see maximum results.