How do I control cravings and stop eating to wrong food?

 One of the hardest things to control when you are on a diet are food cravings. The fact that your food is restricted makes you want the wrong food all the more. And the food types we crave are always the ones that will not help you lose weight like bread, cheese, chocolate, ice cream and peanuts. So what do I do to stop my cravings for the wrong foods.

The first thing I do is make foods that I crave unavailable or at least difficult to get hold of. I clear the food cupboard and fridge of anything that is going to tempt me into a food binge. This makes it difficult for the family person but the diet will be a team effort anyway so they will understand.

The second thing to do is surround yourself with permitted foods that you can freely snack. For a low GI diet you can stop your cravings with fruit and fresh vegetables. On a low carb diet like Atkins you can have small pieces of sliced ham in the fridge to munch.

The problem of course is that will not stop you craving for the wrong foods. You may be eating something healthy like a stick of celery but your mind is focussed on cheese or bread. What you have to do is train your mind to crave the good foods instead of the bad ones.

To start with choose a fruit that you enjoy eating. Take the humble apple. Now I like apples and I eat a lot of them but they are what you would call an ordinary food to eat. What I do is say to myself that It is not just an apple. I picture it as a crunchy fresh apple with a glossy red skin that has a bright sweet tangy flavour. Can you taste that apple. By picturing your allowed food in this way again and again you will find yourself craving the right sort of food.

To try this with another fruit imagine a mandarin. But look at it this way. This mandarin just falls out of its peel and smells of the juice that it contains. When you bite into it the mandarin juice floods your taste buds with fantastic flavour. So if you are having problems controlling your food cravings try this tactic.