Food and Exercise that Help You Lose 15 Pounds fast

One needs no higher education to learn that exercise and proper diet go hand in hand in achieving a healthy and lean body. Diet alone wouldn't do much for the sagging skin. And exercise without the right food to complement it will just leave a frustrated, still plump you.  So what steps do you need to take to lose 15 pounds fast?

The right combination of exercise and diet when done on a regular basis is your sure ticket to staving off the pounds and even getting down to your desired body measurement.

To lose overall body fat, choose a cardio exercise that appeals to you. There are many to choose from but the top ten cardio exercises that will help you lose the pounds by blasting the most calories are: walking, running, rock climbing, handball, cross-country skiing, elliptical training, step aerobics, rowing, cycling (both indoor and outdoor are good for you) and swimming (low impact that yields good result).

Low or high impact is not really a main concern, what's more important to consider is the consistency of your exercise program. Exercise when done on a regular basis and increasing resistance as you progress boost your weight loss success.  If you have not been working out lately, it will take you at least 30 days to form the new habit.  It will be hard but if you stick to it and keep pushing yourself, that exercise habit will form and stick with you for life. 

No exercise program will be completely successful without the aid of proper diet. Knowing the right foods to eat is just as important as sweating the calories out. Fish, vegetables and fruits are staples. Lean meat, chicken (remove the skin), oil (olive and omega 3) are also good. At least 8 glasses of water per day to aid in digestion. If you want alternative drinks, consider green tea, coffee and fresh fruit juices (avoid adding sugar as much as possible).

Diet and exercise are the keys to help you lose 15 pounds fast.  You don't need any fancy diet pills or risky weight loss surgery.