How to Get a Fantastic Butt

When many women lose weight fast they also lose their butts. Add these exercises to your weight loss program and watch your tush go from flabby to fabulous.

Isometric Tush Push

For a tight butt, the Isometric Tush Push is the best workout. You can do it in the car, the office, or while talking on the phone. It is so easy you’ll think it’s cheating! Here’s how to do it:

1.      While you are standing, clench your butt muscles.

2.      Hold it for five seconds, then release.

3.      Keep clenching and releasing until your butt feels tired.

For faster results, do the exercise while you are sitting.

Butt Bridge

This exercise is also really easy and can be done with no equipment.

1.      Find a couch or chair that is steady.

2.      Lay down on you back in front of it with your ankles hooked over the edge.

3.      Lift your body off the floor so that your shoulders and head are the only part of your body touching the floor. Your body should look like a bridge between the edge of the chair and the floor.

4.      Use your butt muscles to keep your body steady and flat.

5.      Hold for three seconds and lower yourself back to the floor.

6.      Repeat for two sets of five.

Pilate Bottom Lifter

This exercise can be a little tough, but it really boosts your assets.

1.      Lay flat on your stomach with your arms at your sides.

2.      While clenching your stomach and butt muscles, lift your head, chest, and feet off the floor.

3.      Hold the pose for three seconds and then slowly lower yourself to the floor.

4.      Repeat for two sets of five.

If you've got a little excess fat on your body, you'll have to lose it in addition to toning the muscles in your butt. This Fatloss4idiots review is one great program for doing that.

Either way, these exercises will help you to build muscle and lose fat fast on your backside, which will make your assets look firm and fantastic.