How to Find Your Fitness Level

To find the right diet plan or diet e-book for you, you need to know your fitness level. These three tests will show you how to assess your fitness level without even leaving your house.

Check Your Heart Rate

First, check your heart rate to see if it is in a healthy range. A normal, healthy resting heart rate is usually around 60 beats a minute. To find what your resting heart rate is, check your pulse while you are still lying in bed. Find your pulse on your wrist with your index finger and middle finger. For 15 seconds count how many beats you feel. Multiply that number by four and you have your at rest heart rate.

If you find that your heart rate is quite a bit above 60, you may be somewhat out of shape and should aim for cardio exercise plans to strengthen your heart, as well as burn fat fast.

Checking Weight and BMI

Your weight and BMI or Body Mass Index should also factor into your diet plan.

Many people don't weigh themselves properly, and this gives them an unreal image of their fitness level. To get a correct weight, weigh first thing in the morning. Do it naked and make sure that your scale is on hard, level ground. This will get you the most accurate weight possible.

Body Mass Index uses your accurate weight to show the percentage of body fat in relation to your lean muscle mass. Here is the formula for calculating your BMI:

1.      Take your height and multiply it, in meters, by itself and write that number down.

2.      Divide your weight, in kilograms, by the number you just wrote down.

3.      The total will be your BMI.

To decide if your BMI is in a healthy range, compare your number to these figures:

·         Below 18.5 is underweight

·         20-25 is considered a normal BMI.

·         Above 25 is considered an overweight BMI.

Tailor your workout plan and diet to the information you glean from these tests. If you are very overweight and strenuous exercise could cause injury, you may want to start with a diet that doesn't require exercise; for example, this fatloss4idiots review. If you feel that you are a healthy weight and these tests tell you otherwise, consult with your doctor.