Smooth 5.45 Treadmill Review

In case you think that giving a thousand dollars for a new treadmill is a bit too much, you should probably take a look at Smooth 5,45. An older Smoothe model 5.25 is upgraded and now we have this high quality, best buy machine. Smooth made changes according to the treeadmill reviews their customers made over time, so it is no wonder that they managed to create a model with such great features.

There are quite a few people who wonder how is it possible for Smooth treadmill to build such a good machine and sell it for such a low price. The answer really isn't difficult. The internet is the only place where you can find Smooth treadmills. Since Smooth offers his products directly to the buyer, without the middleman, he is capable of offering good treadmills at a good prices.

Do not think that engineers at Smooth do not know that a treadmill is as good as the motor that keeps it running. This treadmill has a quiet 2,5 HP continuous duty motor that is perfect for all walkers and joggers. Since the motor is so quiet, you can use this machine at anytime and any place - which is what consumers who used this treadmill report. This is great for moms of small children who may be napping or going to be early.

The only thing I would like to point out is the Smooth 5,45's motor is best for people who will be walking or lightly jogging. If you are a runner, you will soon discover that the motor on this treadmill is simply not enough for your exercising regime. Runners would be best to choose another model from smooth, like 6.45. It can be used for a good run, because of a more powerful motor that is installed in this model.

The decks is another field where Smooth treadmills are good at. The shock absorption deck on the Smooth 5,45 treadmill is really high-tech. Users are reporting that there is a great deal of difference between the deck on this machine and other treadmills.

Because of the folding feature and low maintenance, this treadmill is ranked above its peers. It is easy to see how Smooth 5.45 deserved its best buy and how Smooth Fitness made a great choice when it decided to build a product like this.