Lose Fat Fast With Realistic Goals

Setting goals is a good way to see improved results no matter what you do with your life. Of course the same is true of fat loss. This is how to lose belly fat.

Goals mean you have something to aim at. If There is an identifiable reason attached to your diet and exercise you are more likely to succeed.

But you really must be sure to set yourself honest targets. Unattainable targets mean you might not hit them early on and you will probably give up before you have given the diet a chance.

Long term goals are fine but targets for the near future are needed too. Creeping along losing a small bit of fat at a time is a much better strategy for success.

As you achieve these mid-range targets on the way they will push you more towards your final goal. As you see the little amounts of weight coming off and the improvements that this brings with it you will be able to see your body being at an optimum weight. You will also start believing that it is a thing that you can finally achieve.

The intermediate time scale and thus your intermediate measure of achievement cannot mean getting on the scales every day. This is not how to lose stomach fat. A much better thing to do is to weigh yourself every 2 weeks as your actual weight rises and falls from day to day. The body will have time to adjust and you will be able to observe measurable results.

By weighing yourself every day the daily fluctuations may show that your weight has not changed. Or worse because of fluctuations it could even appear to have gone up.

If you don't weigh yourself for 14 days and stick to your weight loss program the end result is not the same. This won't be as dis-spiriting as going at it the other way.

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