Fight the Flab: Lose Your Body Fat Fast

Wee early in the morning, you are looking at the billboards on your way to work. Not so many fat people on them are there? For most people, shedding excess fat is not easy. It takes commitment, motivation, and lots of hard work. One of the hardest parts about attempting to rid your body of the unsightly fat rolls is actually finding a healthy plan to help you do so.

Though you might not realize it, there is a definite difference between losing weight and losing fat. Losing weight refers to dropping physical poundage, whereas fat loss is actually a reference to the reduction of some of the stores of fat which might well be situated on your tummy, thighs, butt, and arms. Blasting your body fat will make you feel much healthier, look much better, and dramatically increase your confidence.

Here are some strategies designed to help you lose body fat fast:

Increase Your Protein Intake

Increasing your protein intake is almost synonymous with decreasing your carbohydrate intake. Protein breaks down into amino acids, which help you build muscle mass, and in the process, more energy is burned processing it. This means a double whammy for your body; you reduce your fat reserves, and tone your muscles at the same time. Eat leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meats, and poultry for optimal results. Complex carbohydrates are fine in moderation and will actually provide your body with a great source of fiber. Complex carbohydrates include: Cereal, brown rice, and some pastas. Just be sure to exclude starchy carbohydrates and high-fat foods, and you will be on your way to losing some serious fat cells.


It sounds boring, but long-duration, low-intensity exercise really does burn fat - and quickly! Aerobic activity is by far the best kind to do. Walking is especially good because it's easy to do, and most people can walk for quite some time without getting tired. It also spares the all-important muscle mass, which is particularly important if you are not a big protein eater. If you walk at a constant speed on the treadmill, not only will you burn general fat, but you will also tone your butt muscles at the same time, as an added bonus!

Drink More Water

Drinking 6 -8 glasses of drinking water each day will not only decrease your appetite; it will also flush out waste products and toxins from your body. If you replace your usual soda drink with water, you will drastically reduce your sugar intake. Diet soda, though it contains no actual sugar, has been found to carry harmful chemicals which can negatively impact your attempt to burn fat.

Take Time Out between Servings

You might not realize that it takes around 20 minutes after you have eaten for your body to register that it's full. That horrible bloated feeling that comes from having eaten too much is a direct result of unintentional overeating. If you can eat your food and wait 20 minutes to decide whether or not you are sated before ordering the next course, you will prevent unnecessary food entering your body, eventually being stored as fat.

Losing fat will make you feel great about your body, enhance your confidence, and also allow you to show off some of the buff muscles you have built during your time at the gym!

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