Where to buy the best kettlebells

Can’t decide on where to buy your kettlebell? You can either buy kettlebells online or personally from a specialty store. But before you do, remember that both options have their own perks and downsides.

So whether you go kettlebell shopping or decide to take quick trip to your nearby Local Academy, Sports Authority, or to your favorite sporting goods store...here are a few things to consider:

The main advantage of buying it personally is you can pick out your own kettlebell. You can have real-time trial and feel actual weight of the kettle bell.

You can also personally choose the kettlebell weight that suits you best.

Plus, you can  meticulously inspect your kettle bell - look over it carefully for damages or imperfections.

Moreover, buying it personally on a local store saves you the wait and added costs from shipping . This is a plus since kettlebells are considerably heavy, and for sure you're all excited to start your new work out routine immediately.

Besides sporting goods store, some good places to scout for kettlebells are:

Gyms and Martial Arts clubs

A source which is often overlooked is your local gym or Martial Arts group. You can inquire if they are using kettlebells or if they have kettle bells for sale (occasionally they get a good deal on a bulk lot, and have a couple of 'spares'). You can also ask where they buy their kettle bells.

Fitness expositions and seminars

Typically, good deals are found here since there is a wide range of participants who most probably can assist you on your hunt for your kettle bell. Even if you can't make it to the actual expo or seminar, check in with the exhibitors to see if they have any kettle bells for sale. Good deals are often found this way.

A friend of a friend

Lastly we come to the 'friend of a friend' approach. If you know of someone who has an unused or spare kettlebell lying around, make them an offer. This way or purchasing is quick and convenient.

But what about buying online?

Buying kettlebells online also have its own plus factors. Although you will be paying additional shipping fees, more often than not, you will get a wealth of bonuses. 

These add-ons are usually in the form of books, DVDs or some small athletic equipment. If you're getting your first kettle bell, a bit of 'how to use it' information is often very well received.

Also keep in mind that bulk buying is often cheaper—postage is less and most probably and at the same time you will get more freebies.

Convenience of package delivery is also a plus—no need to lug around heavy equipment. Just don’t forget to ensure that your online source is credible and has a known track record for online kettlebell selling.

Whether you buy online or in local sporting stores, just make sure that the kettle bells you are getting is the one suited to your exercise regimen.