5 Powerful Steps To Bost Your Calorie Burn In Your Workout

Do you know that you can burn 100 calories or more by adding something extra into your workout within spending more time? With 100 calories extra, in 35 sessions, you will be losing an extra one-pound of body fat on top of the total body fat that you will lose from your normal weight loss exercise routine.

This question became very popular because there are so many people out there that are hitting the weight loss plateau. They are exercising hard but yet they are not losing any more weight. This is very frustrating and sometimes can be very demoralizing. But you do not have to sweat it now, I will reveal to you the techniques that I teach my subscribers on how to burn more body fat during your workout.

Step one. Please get out of the fancy machine and hit the free weights and cables. There are many things that these machines cannot offer. Although they are highly engineered and are of latest technologies, they still do not train your muscle on balancing and coordination. The movement path is fixed and all you have to do is push. But with free weights, you need to balance the weights, focus on coordination, and focus on the power and speed of individual arm and also the movement path. This will burn more calories. Not only that, the muscle is worked more intensely. This will require more calories from the body for muscle recovery.

Step two, add in lunges into other exercises. Most of the time, people think that lunges is used only to work the butt, quads and hamstrings. But not many people know that lunges can be integrated into other exercises to make the exercise more complex and intense. A good example is dumbbell shoulder press with lunge. This exercise works the shoulders, the triceps, the core and the entire lower body. Rather than just sitting down on the bench and pressing the weights upwards, why not add in the lunges.

To perform this exercise, start by standing up with your feet side by side. Hold the dumbbells at shoulder height with your palms facing forward. And with one fluid movement, step out your right leg and drop vertically downwards until your left knee almost touches the floor. Press the dumbbells all the way up as you lower the left knee. Then step back to original position and repeat with your left leg.

There are many other exercise that you can add lunges to. You can add lunges to your dumbbell bicep curls, to your oblique twist with fitball and many more.

Step 3. Add squats into your other exercise. This is a similar concept of the lunges. By adding leg movements into your upper body movements, you almost double up your calorie burn. This is because the more muscle you exercise, the more calories you burn.

An interesting way you can add squats into your exercise is doing squats with your cable rows. First, stand up straight with the bar in your hands. Take a step back so that the weight stack is up. Then, instead of just bringing the bar to your stomach, squat down first, hold the position then bring the bar to your stomach. Return to the original position by extending your arms fully and the stand back up.

Step 4. You can also add in unrelated exercises in between sets. This means that instead of just resting one minute between a set of pull downs, why not do a set of crunches or a set of triceps press downs. This sort of supersets really can increase the intensity of the exercise and your heart rate.

You can also do chest exercises superset with abs, shoulder exercises superset with leg exercise. To take it another level higher, superset the weight training sets with a 2-minute high intensity cardio like uphill running or the Stairmaster.

Step 5. Stick to large muscle groups and do only compound exercises. Large muscle groups like legs, back, chest and shoulders burns a lot if calories during a session of weight training. This because the size of these muscle groups are far larger than biceps and triceps. Use compound exercises to hammer these muscle groups. Compound exercises like squats, dead lift, chin-ups, barbell bench press and barbell shoulder press utilizes a lot of calories because lots of muscles are being worked at one time.

Use these tips to burn more calories in your workout session. We all could use additional helpful information to help us get our dream body faster.

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