Created By A Doctor - The Cookie Diet Plan

Have you ever heard of The Cookie Diet Plan? People in the Miami area have been benefiting from the Dr. Seigal Cookie Diet for decades now.

Once, the cookies were available only to the patients of his obesity clinic, but now the rest of the country can reap the rewards of this crazy but effective diet, as well.

So, you remember that you love aunt Mary's delicious cowboy cookies, and you can't believe that you could actually lose weight by eating these tasty treats, right? Well, these are no ordinary treats, my friend.

The Dr. Seigal Cookie Diet plan requires that you eat one cookie six times per day, whenever you feel hungry. These amazing snacks not only taste great, Dr. Seigal designed them himself with a formula that actually curbs your hunger pains.

By incorporating special amino acids and proteins, the cookie diet allows you to stick to your diet by keeping you from being hungry all the time.

Along with the cookies, you eat a healthy dinner of six ounces of lean meat, such as a chicken breast, and a cup of delicious vegetables. At only about ninety calories per cookie, the cookie diet cookies suppress your appetite and keep you from blowing your diet because of the hunger pains that would emanate from your growling tummy without eating something.

The Doctor's secret recipe does not curb your appetite with medications or drugs; the protein ingredients in the cookies are very well known for their appetite suppressant qualities, and there are no drugs involved. With the recommended six cookies, light dinner, and vitamin supplements, the cookie diet plan can help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Eating a tasty treat instead of popping an overpriced pill whose main ingredient is caffeine seems like a superior option to me; all those drugs that claim to help people lose weight make me a little nervous, but really, what is there to be nervous about over a cookie? Not much from what I can tell.

Where can you get the Dr. Sanford Seigal's Cookie Diet? It used to be quite difficult to get the cookies unless you happened to be in the Miami area and happened to be a patient of his, but now, thankfully, the cookies themselves are available with a click of the mouse online.

Dr. Seigal's patients tend to lose weight at the rate of about fifteen pounds per month, and the plan is meant to be followed under the care of your regular physician or nutritionist. Six cookies a day and at the end of the month I will be about fifteen pounds lighter? Sign me up.

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