When Is A Dog ATreadmill Dog?

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Far and away the most popular exercise equipment on the market for humans is the treadmill. Treadmills are preferred because they are easy to use, they are conveniently located indoors, they burn calories and they create less impact on your body when compared to walking or running on hard pavement. Have you thought about applying those same principals of health and fitness with your dog? Trained properly, you can turn your dog into a treadmill dog.

A treadmill is easy to use for both humans and animals because it allows for the natural movement as walking or running outdoors. There are treadmills made especially for pets, but they work similarly to regular treadmills. Training your pet to walk on a human treadmill is just as simple as training them to walk on a specialized dog treadmill. When you have the equipment already in your home, there is no need to be out the expense on doggie equipment.

Conveniently located in your home, you are only steps away from helping your treadmill dog maintain a health fitness program. Fluctuations in weather conditions as well as daylight or darkness have no effect on his daily workout. Rainy or snowy weather and unsafe traffic conditions are also eliminated.

The first step in the training process is always safety. Make sure you have a harness with a place to attach a leash in front of the chest. This way it's easier to control the dog while you're in front of them, and it will prevent unnecessary tension on a neck collar.

Another thing to keep in mind while you exercise your dog on a treadmill is that they are doing all the work, and we're not. Treadmill activity can be a big workout for dogs because it requires a steady pace. Make sure to watch and listen for signs that your dog is getting tired or overheated just as you would for any activity.

Now, make sure the treadmill is at its lowest setting. A dog can become frightened by the intensity of the ground moving too quickly beneath him. Get yourself comfortable in a spot in front of the machine so that you will be close to your pet. If you get up and leave your dog in the middle of the training, he may become anxious. Never leave your dog unattended on a treadmill. He could lose his footing and become choked.

Next take and offer your dog a treat to lure him onto the treadmill. You will want to make this a positive experience for your dog. Once your dog is positioned on the platform, thread the leash in through the front of the treadmill and turn the machine on low. Use the treats to lure your dog forward and keep them just beyond his nose until he willingly moves forward with the machine. Don't forget to reward the behavior with a treat.

Dogs respond positively to words of encouragement, so call to him and tell him how great he's doing. Make sure to always start out slow and progress until your dog reaches an easy trot. Do this for five minutes a day until he moves smoothly even without a treat for a lure.

Because treadmills are a healthy way to boost fitness levels, their popularity is enormous. Applying the same logic with your dog, you get the convenience of walking him in your home and he gets the benefit of a consistent exercise program. A treadmill can benefit both you and your pet. You just may have a treadmill dog living right under your nose.

If you like to walk as exercise then you know how important a role weather plays in your walking schedule. Most people will not bother to go walking if it is too hot outside, too cold or if it is raining. Treadmills are the best solution to this problem. You never have to worry about bad weather and you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. If you have never tried out a treadmill then the time has come to give this exercise machine a try! Click here to get more information: Components Of Physical Fitness also Fitness  Equipment and at Home  Fitness  Workout