Six Pack Stomach - How to really get those six pack abs!

Commercials selling abdominal machines that offer a Six Pack Stomach in little or no time at all, are constantly being shown on your T.V. If it is that easy you would think that every one would have a Six Pack Stomach.

There are abdominal machines that will help you to build up a Six Pack Stomach, but you shouldn't forget that fat will hide those muscles. If you want to be able to see your six-pack,  you will also need to reduce your body fat percentage. When you go to the beach you will notice that most skinny people already have good abdominal muscles even if the don't work out.  It is just due to the low fat content in their body.Don't rely on your abdominal exercises to get your body fat percentage down to the level required.One more wrong belief is that  by simply exercising the muscles located below an area of your body, you can burn the fat in that target area. This is totally false. The energy to complete the exercise will be drawn by your body from its most suitable source. With this sort of  exercise this will probably be as carbs or protein. What exercises work your abdominal muscles the best? You don't need to buy and equipment, here are a couple of exercises that will get you a Six Pack Stomach. The two basic workouts I suggest are doing 3 sets of crunches at 80% of what your maximum output is. The position you assume is flat on your back, knees bent with your heels as close to your backside as is comfortable, and your hands on your chest.To start each “crunch” firstly pull your belly button to the floor, and then roll your self forwards in a smooth motion starting from your head. You want to go forward just enough to get the middle of your back off of the floor. Do not try to go all the way up. In order to set up your work out, simply do the exercise to the maximum that you can. Next you multiply that by eighty percent. For example, your first attempt was a maximum of 10. Obviously when you multiply 10 by 80 per cent, you get 8. So your routine for the first week is to do 8 crunches 3 times with a one minute gap in between each set. Each week, you should look at your maximum again and re-assess it. So Good luck in attaining your Six Pack Stomach, and be sure to stick with it and you will be able to show them off before you know it.Steve Roberts is an industry expert in Lifestyle Health and Fitness, you can read more about health and fitness and exercises to build a six pack stomach at his blog.