Gatorade Sports Drink - One Of The Initial Sports Drinks And a Favorite To Many People

Michael Jordan Gatorade Commercial

Ever since the time back in the mid 1960s when the Gatorade sports drink was introduced, this sport drink has been one of the most used staples of American athletes, from amateur to professional levels. Every single one of the national sporting leagues has been partially sponsored by Gatorade and has routinely used the Gatorade Thirst Quencher for their athletes.

Even with the major endorsements by world-class athletes and professional sports teams and leagues, many people still wonder just how effective Gatorade and other similar energy sports drinks really are. In an era when many individuals are increasingly skeptical than ever before when it comes to advertising claims, many people are curious to know if the widespread use of the electrolyte sports drink of Gatorade is just due to the fact that they have a huge advertising campaign for the brand or if it actually does have the ability to satisfy that "deep down body thirst" of athletes.

The main reason why it is important to have good fluid intake before, during and after workout sessions is to make sure that the moisture in the body that exits through sweating is replaced. When the fluid is not replaced, it is easy to become dehydrated and this leads to difficulty performing well. Gatorade sports drink has a reputation for being an excellent way to efficiently re-hydrate the body.

According to the manufacturers of Gatorade, this re-hydration is accomplished by providing a properly balanced mixture of carbohydrates and electrolytes along with the water. This approach is not unique to the Gatorade brand and is the premise behind virtually all of the energy sports drinks and endurance drink formulas that are found on the market.

And, this is indeed a burgeoning market. Even though the brand of Gatorade is one of the most venerable on the market of all of the sports beverages, each year introduces more manufacturers with more sports drink products. These energy sports drinks that are competitors all primarily have the same ingredients however they also each contain their own unique ingredients that affirm to give specific benefits as well as advantages to the end user. The various electrolyte sports drink formulas also have a wide range of flavorings added to help create a pleasing taste that also helps to encourage use.

According to the folks who produce Gatorade, there are four distinct ways that the energy sports drink helps to keep the athlete's body function well even in situations of extreme physical stress and can even help to improve performance. The first way is by providing the ingredients, such as the electrolytes and carbs, which stimulate and support rapid absorption of fluids.

Secondly, consuming Gatorade encourages rapid re-hydration and this allows the body to maintain proper physiological functioning and prevents dehydration. The third factor is that the carbohydrates in the sports beverage deliver easily utilized energy to the working muscles. And, the fourth way that it helps is simply by encouraging the athlete to drink sufficient fluids because of the good taste and quick benefits.

The research conducted in various independent studies has consistently verified that many of the claims made about energy sports drinks in general, and the Gatorade sports drink more specifically, are not overblown but have validity in the real world. It has been shown repeatedly that athletes who consume these sports beverage drinks during their training or competition do not become dehydrated and they avoid the other negative side effects that can result from intense activity.

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