How to lose belly fat in 5 days!

Are you struggling to lose belly fat? Does your stomach protrude out of your clothes like you are pregnant or about to give birth? I know that you are smiling! I know it does because mine did. You are about to find out how I did this in only five days. It was about two months ago when I tried to fit into a pair of my favorite pants, that the zipper could not go any further. I had no time to iron another pair and so I went out the door with my pants half zipped and vowed that I would do something about it. I was just downright fed up. I was used to being skinny and then all of a sudden I found I could no longer fit into my clothes and I had to do something about it. Here is my five day routine that helped me to lose 15 pounds in only 5 days and you can follow it too for warp speed fat loss around the belly area.

Day One

I got up that morning and went on the scale. My mouth widened to see the scale climb up to 198 pounds. I made a large breakfast after I got off the scale. I had learned somewhere in an ebook that a big breakfast boost the metabolism. Two scrambled eggs, baked potato, juice and hot green tea is what I fixed for breakfast. I ate some digestive enzymes to digest my food while I read the morning paper. Then I went for a half an hour brisk walk up the hill where I lived. The incline was good for my heart rate. Later during the day time, I had a glass of aloe vera juice. My friend once told me that it helped with weight loss.


I did not go on the scale this morning. I ate another large breakfast, which included oatmeal, toast, and two scrambled eggs. I had a small meal at lunch, one between lunch and dinner and then another one at dinner. Smaller meals during the day helped to increase my metabolism and I was able to burn more fat. I drank two glasses of aloe vera juice that day. I took another thirty minute walk, but this time on my treadmill at home. I used some dumbbells during the exercise as well as weights on my ankles.

Day Number Three

I ate another large breakfast this morning. I went to do a body wrap instead of going for my walk. A friend of mine owns an holistic business and I had called her the night before to make an appointment. Let me warn you, though, that the body wrap is intense. It last for one hour and it makes you very, very hot, but it is worth every minute. When I finished my body wrap, my friend weighed me in and I had lost 10 pounds altogether since I last weighed. That was so exciting to know that I was making progress. Today I had two glasses of aloe vera juice.

Day Number 4

I did no exercise today. Due to the soreness of my muscles, I could not walk. I ate mostly fruits and raw vegetables along with oatmeal for breakfast and had lots of water to drink. I made sure to drink some aloe vera juice again. Man, did I go to the bathroom umpteen of times! I hated this part. But I was on a mission.

Fifth Day

Today was the day of reckoning. I had my glass of aloe vera juice in the morning with a smaller portion of breakfast. I took a thirty minute brisk walk up that steep hill again wincing in pain at the soreness of my muscles. I was certain that I would do this. I took a shower and then went over to my friend’s holistic center again to do another body wrap. I got on the scale again and saw that my weight was now 183 pounds. I had lost 15 pounds in only five days! What an accomplishment.

It took five days of exercise, a balanced diet that included some natural foods, two miracle body wrap and the support of my friend to get me down to fifteen pounds lighter. I can finally fit into my clothes now and don’t have to buy new clothes.

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