The Types Of Home Fitness Exercise Equipment You May Need

Home fitness has some advantages over going to the gym. Convenience, being able to work out when you want to, not having to wait for equipment to become free and ongoing monthly fees are just a few. There can be a few disadvantages as well depending on how disciplined you are and what type of equipment you would like access to.

Doing a full body workout at home can actually involve very little gym equipment if you don’t want to buy this. However although you don’t necessarily need to invest thousands into new gym equipment, if you do have some money to spend here a few items you may want to consider purchasing.

To increase your cardiovascular capacity there a few types of very popular home gym equipment. One of these is the treadmill which retail from anything around two hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on the sophistication of the model and what speed and incline settings you require.

Elliptical machines are also becoming more common and are generally easier on the knees than treadmills. Rowing machines and exercise bikes are also very popular cardio fitness equipment to have at home. Trampolines also provide a great workout and cheap trampolines can be picked up second hand or online. 12ft trampolines and 14ft trampolines are also popular for exercise and kids will love playing on them also. These sizes will have to be kept outside in the yard but mini trampolines can be purchased for indoor cardiovascular workout routines.

If you have a lot of cash to spend and want to really develop muscle strength as well as feel fitter full home gyms can be bought. These take up quite a bit of room, require solid floors and can be expensive, running into thousands of dollars for the high-end models.

Whatever home fitness equipment you decide to buy make sure you draw up an exercise program to suit you, stick to it and always seek medical advice before you start.