Walking a 10K

Have you ever noticed that some 5K Running are actually open to people who want to do a 10K walk? We might assume that the walkers would get run over by the runners but this is far from the truth. In most cases the walkers are accepted as part of the group.

Many people enjoy taking a leisurely 10K walk instead of training to 5K Training that distance. They enjoy the scenery as they walk by it and they like the excitement of the race.  Some of these races will have a competitive walking division while others will just give space to the walkers.

As an example, sometimes the walkers will start before or after the 5K Training so that they can be at their own pace. Some people are going to just walk casually for the 10K walk and if that is the case they won't need a lot of training to do it. However if you want to be competitive with your walking you will need to train for the 10K walk.

If you just want to take this stroll make sure that your running shoes are comfortable and that you have been practicing walking 45 to 90 minutes steady. This should have been done in the last month or two of your interest in the 10K walk.

You will want to know that a 10K walk is actually 6.2 miles. You will want to make sure you practiced a bit before you try to do this in a race because you will want to finish this distance. In general people who do a 10K walk actually train for it over an 8 week period. If you want ot walk in some of these races in a competitive manner, then you will find that this is a pretty standard practice.

One of the most important areas you will need to master is the art of race walking.  This gets you moving at a very fast pace if competition is on your mind. There are also rules for race walking: You have to have one foot on the ground all the time and the leg that is moving forward has to be straight at your knee until it is under your body vertically. This will help you do a better 10K walk as well.

If you talk to some of the other competitive walkers, you may find that there are a lot of former runners who had to stop for one reason or another. The good thing about this type of race is the fact that people in wheelchairs can also be a part of it.

There are many senior citizens who enjoy a 10K walk because it is exhilarating and because they can do it over a long period of time. This is a sport that combines physical fitness with a competitive focus for some. However, you can race walk at a leisure pace if that is what you want to do.

Sometimes the best idea for wanting to learn about walking a 10K is to talk with someone who has walked a 10K and get there opinion. You may just find a buddy or two to walk with you.

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