10K Training and Prep

Jogging is a sport that many people do all the time and never want to go further than jogging. Others create a space to run races and 10K running is interesting and fun.

Many people are in the habit of running 10K races since it is one of the most popular ones to do. This means that the individual actually runs 10 Kilometers or the equivalent of 6.2 miles. This is not for the feint of heart, but it is something that many people can attain over time.

If you are interested in 5K Training races you will need a good 10K training program. If you take the time to make and do this and ensure you are focused on this you will do well. Most people will do this as a way to attain an overall fit body.

There are a majority of people who are already running 2-4 miles every day and if you are one of them and you are thinking about running longer distances 10K training will be the best way to get you to that point.

In the beginning most people will just want to 5K Running that it takes to do the 10K. Your focus will be on attaining this in your 10K training. You will be building your aerobic strength and your endurance as you run.

Its always the best to find a schedule and stick to it because this is always something to keep you on track and help you develop into a good runner. This 10K training will also mean that you will want to run a couple days and then rest a couple. You will not want to do your 10K training several days in a row, but rather space them every other day.

Start out with easy runs where you run a short distance that you are comfortable with and then increase your distance and your speed. Its important to not injure yourself in the process of training for a 10K and doing this this way will really help that.

You will also need to do speed work which means that you will run in short bursts between slower times. In this way you will s your cardio strength and get your body used to being like a systematic machine. Your 5K Running training will be well on the way at this point.

As you continue to practice your running it is a good idea to find someone to buddy up with that has run the type of race you want to run. This person can not only be friend to run with but they can give you valuable tips that will help you improve your 10K training.

Try out several of the smaller races just to get a feel for what you will be doing. Generally there are competitions at the 2K, 5K and 8K levels and this will give you an idea of how your 10K training is working.

Finally make sure that you get enough rest in between runs and that you feed your body with good food. Take water with you on your runs to stay hydrated. Remember that as you start these runs they are about fun. Be competitive with yourself and you will have fun racing.

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