Ride The Wave - The Latest In Home Exercise Equipment

The principle of the Wave is simple. Laid on the floor curved side up, the workout base is stable and can be used for stepping exercises, rehabilitation, seniors and those whose balance is bad, and with exercise bands threaded through gaps in the frame, strengthening exercises can be performed. Curved side up, both are also suitable for floor-based workout - Abs, back, and oblique muscles can be strengthened lying over the bowed surfaces. Curved side down, both introduce unstable surfaces for rocking exercises - which are great fun executed to music! In this position, the body engages the core muscles to balance, so exercises carried out in this way are doubly effective and burn a lot of calories.

By just standing on the Wave (curved side up) all your core and stabilising muscles have to operate just to keep you vertical. Hence when you are rocking or doing any exercises on the Wave your muscles have to work harder, so you burn more calories and of course then lose more fat.

The best bit is that riding the wave is fun! Why decide on pedestrian workouts on a treadmill or workout bike when you can rock yourself fit.

I really like this piece of equipment. It's simple, has nothing that can break and at under $100 fabulous value for money. I believe the Wave will become one of the next big things in home fitness equipment. I have 16 T-Bows (a similair piece of equipment available in the UK) for my own Pilates Classes and although I love the T-Bow it's high-priced and at about $180, this is more than my clients are prepared to pay so I now recommend the Wave instead.

For your $100 you also get a lot of extras. Various DVD's dealing with the basic to advanced moves, a fat burning and Strength training DVD, a wall chart and a healthy eating plan.

So if you want a simple easy to put away piece of home exercise equipment that will give you:-

  • Aerobic calorie-burning exercises.
  • Muscle toning and sculpting
  • Core strengthening
  • Stretching and Pilates Exercises
  • It's great fun

Then look no further, you've discovered it. The Firms Wave will do it all and more significantly, make your workout fun. If you can have a good time working out your more likely to do it. Check it out now!