How to Use Weekend Workouts to Lose Weight

A great way to add extra exercise to your routine is adding adventurous weekend workouts to your regular workouts. These outings can burn more calories than your regular workout and add spice to losing weight. Here are some ideas to help you plan your own weekend workout.


A few hours of hiking can burn around 800 calories. You can make hiking fun by taking friends and/or family and making it an adventure. Take a trip to the mountains, hike along streambeds, and take pictures of the wildlife. You may not even realize you're exercising because you're having so much fun.


Boating can burn a lot of calories, too, as long as you're the engine for the boat. Kayaking and cannoning are great upper-body workouts. Paddle boating is a fantastic workout for your thighs and butt. Check your phone book's yellow pages for companies that rent human powered watercrafts like these.


Find trails in your area made for bikers and take the whole family. Many bike trails are designed to follow the most beautiful areas in a town, so there isn't a chance that you'll get board. Take a backpack full of healthy picnic goodies and stop halfway for lunch as an extra treat.


Many people don't think of camping when they think of exercise, but camping can be a very physical activity. You have to hike to your camping spot while loaded down with gear, tents have to be set up and firewood can end up burning more calories than you think.


Swimming is a great full-body workout. During the summer you can head to local lakes or pools. During the winter, you can check out indoor pools and water parks.

These miniature getaways can add up to more pounds lost than if you stayed home. Not to mention, you are building memories and having fun. Who knows, these weekend adventures may even make you look forward to exercise. Also, try reading ebooks, such as the one in this Turbulence Training review to help you lose more weight and incorporate more of a workout into your daily life.