Aiming for the Six Pack Abs

For people who don't want just flat stomach but aim for six pack abs, the right program is needed to achieve it. And don't expect to get to your goal in a few months, it takes more than that. More so you need determination, willpower, proper diet and pure dedication to maintain it. But the good part about it is this: it's doable and the satisfactory results are well worth the effort. Come to think of it, you're not only healthier but also in a very desirable shape.  You'll get a lot more looks when you have a tight firm stomach than if you have a big beer belly with a few love handles.

To show off your six pack abs in no time, you need to eliminate body fat first. How do you that? Start by eating sensibly. Don't skip breakfast, add up on fiber, opt for low calorie dinners, drink water throughout the day (the more, the better) and avoid sweets. Having small meals every three hours can also boost metabolism which is important in aiding your workout efforts as well. The best exercises to bust the fat are cardiovascular exercises such as running, walking, biking, swimming, volleyball, basketball, cross training and stair climbing. Then combine it with weight training.  A new trend is to use high intensity interval training which actually takes less time than regular weight training and gives you results in a much shorter time. 

When the fat in your stomach starts to loosen, then it's time build muscles to finally start your way to an enviable six pack abs. You need a consistent and well-planned program for this. Getting a trainer and enrolling in a gym may be better than doing it at home. But the choice is really yours. You must include crunches, sit-ups, V-ups, jackknife sit-ups, static hold and side static, training your oblique muscles and other ways to train your abs into your fitness program.