How to Burn More Calories While Walking

Want to boost your calorie burn during your walking routine? Here are five simple ways to do just that.

Speed it Up

Like a slow stroll? Boosting your strolling speed from 2 miles-per-hour to five-miles-per hour can make a big difference. If you weight around 150 pounds, walking just 3 miles-per-hour faster can burn around 187 more calories per every thirty minutes. A 200 pound person can burn 250 more calories. Race walking can burn an extra 100 calories on top of that.

Add Some Pounds

Hate the speeding up idea? No problem. Try adding some weights like ankle weights to help burn those calories. Even carrying a child counts as weight. Weights can help you burn around 50 more calories than without weights.

Hit the Hills

Going for a stroll in an area with rolling hills can really hit the spot. Hills create resistance, which builds muscle. More muscle burns more calories. It's as simple as that. You can burn up to 60 percent more calories just from walking on an incline. If you don't have any hills near your home, get on the treadmill and boost the incline. You'll get the same benefits as walking on hills.


Don't just walk next time you exercise, hike! Hiking can burn around 100 more calories than simply walking. Many cities around the country are adding hiking trails nearby. To find one near you, contact your Chamber of Commerce. Adding a backpack to your hiking workout can burn another 100 calories. Why not pack a picnic and ask a friend to hike with you?

Rack Up the Miles

The number one way to lose calories while walking is to add on the miles. Increasing your walking time and/or mileage to double what you're used to can double your calorie burn. Add one of these ideas to your walking routine today and start feeling the burn! For more tips on how to burn more calories, read ebooks such as this Fatloss4idiots review.