The Link Between Your Body's pH Balance and Dieting

There is a natural link between your body’s pH balance and dieting, and when in balance the result is health and energy. When out of balance, the result is disease and fatigue. The body normally runs a pH level of 7.356, which is slightly towards the alkaline side of a scale that runs from 1 to 14, with 1 being acid and 14 alkaline. “pH” stands for the (potenz) potential or power of Hydrogen, a measure of acidity a solution, and it should be written lowercase p, uppercase H.

When you consume food, the body digests and absorbs nutrients. Eat too much acidic food and your blood becomes too acidic. It can result in overweight, diabetes, lupus, cancer, heart disease, kidney problems, acne, arthritis and allergies. The body adds fat and becomes host to yeast, fungi, and mold which thrive in that environment.

A pH balance diet allows the body to restore its ideal pH, and dispose of acid wastes. If you eat too much high acid foods or water, the body allows bad elements to multiply, like yeast and you get a yeast infection, which untreated, can have a lethal result. If you eat too much alkaline foods or water, excess is excreted, taking germs with it. Many companies sell high alkaline drinking waters to help people adjust pH levels.

To correct the link between your body’s pH balance and dieting, eat more alkaline forming foods like seeds, sprouts, green vegetables, and other natural remedies. Acid imbalance causes weight gain, alkaline foods can reduce weight. Combine diet with interval training exercise for the best way to control weight. Body pH balance affects the way your hormones work, and if you have the wrong foods, the body does not produce the hormone cortisol, which aids in weight loss. Over exercising and sleep loss are two other factors that hinder weight control.

A poor pH balance diet causes irritability, loss of energy, depression, headaches, intestinal tract problems, skin and bone problems and more. Watch what you eat and curb the sweet tooth. Try a little lemon juice in your water each morning, eat yogurt to replace bad bacteria with good (especially if you take antibiotics), and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Damage done to the body by a poor pH balance diet can be undone. The body is truly a miracle, if you allow it to do its job!

This article was written by Marc Hill. As always, I am looking for the whole mind/ body approach when it comes to solving life's problems. My review of weight loss programs can be found at: