Angela Stokes Raw Food Diet can make you lose weight faster

Believe me; being overweight can really hurt your self esteem. I was on the brink of depression because I cut a pitiful sight with lards of fat around my belly and hips. I had tried lots of  ‘shed fat’ programs and yo yo diets which has been patronized on the net, but without any success. I was giving up hope and what added to my woes was that I had lost lots of money and hardly lost any weight. I am sure there are a lot of people like me, who are travelling in the same boat; who have tried different ways and means to cut down their weight, but all they get are false promises. I resigned to my former self and felt that having a shapely figure was not my cup of tea, when I saw something on which had me all attention. showed how a woman called Angela Stokes who weighed 300 pounds once, looking pathetically unhealthy, started a raw vegan diet that changed her life. In two years, Angela Stokes lost 160 pounds. It sounded so miraculous, but believable! They were telling my story. I, for one, was also 300 pounds and needed something like that, a healthy way to lose fat, not some sleazy diet fad which talked about moon and gave dust! Raw food is food at its healthiest best; no wonder, it did a lot of good to Angela Stokes. Weighing 138 pounds, Angela Stokes is looking cheerful, good, healthy and beautiful, all of which I aspire to be. According to what I read from her book, “Raw Emotions,” and a recipe eBook called Raw Reform, Angela Stokes eats uncooked vegetables, raw fruit, seeds and nuts-everything nutritious and unprocessed.

I followed what Angela Stokes did. I transitioned from my regular refined food and went ‘raw’, rather slowly, but surely. I could feel the same changes seeping in me as I stuck to the raw food diet which comprised of raw vegetables and fruit, seeds and nuts.

The changes were apparent from the first month itself, as friends began to pour compliments. The flow of compliments thickened in passing months till the time even men began to flirt with me with comments like, “You have the hottest body I have ever seen”. For someone like me, for whom the word ‘nice’ was a distant dream; the dream had finally come true. My sagging self-esteem got a boost and since the past year, I feel that I am on top of the world.

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