Sex And Food Is Not A Fad Diet

Food and sex, food and sex - You would think it has to be a fad diet. Some people might say that you don’t have to have sex, and others say there is no such thing as to much sex. But, the fact is we all need a certain amount sex.

Food, on the other hand, is both a pleasure and a necessity. We enjoy our food, therefore we over eat and eat too much of the wrong things.

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be on some kind of a fad diet or they are starting some new diet next week? One of your friends is starting the South Beach Diet and another is starting the Fat Smash Diet, and someone else is still trying the Adkins Diet.

We try every new diet that comes on the market, including the low-carb, no-carb, low-fat, no-fat, and even the grapefruit diet. And it goes on forever, one fad diet after another and the weight just goes up and down like a yo-yo.

The simple truth - The basic principal behind any diet is to eat less food and to eat food that contains fewer calories than your body needs. Then your body is forced to use your fat for the energy it needs, because it’s not getting enough from the so called fad diet.

However, this is a problem with short-term fad diets, they also have to be tasty and nutritionally sound. Banning certain types of foods is not a solution. Anyone following such a diet will eventually have to acknowledge that they want and need those foods and they will probably relapse back into their old eating habits. What we see is the “yo-yo effect” in action, - again.

We should realize that there is no magic wand for losing weight for the long term. We just need to cut down on the intake of excess calories and start exercising (which helps burn body fat to lose the weight).

Healthy eating, low-calorie foods, fresh fruits and vegetables and regular physical activity are the effective ways to lose weight.

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The main thing is to keep a clear head and be honest with yourself. Keep everything steady and slow.
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