7 Low Carb Diet Foods For Six-Pack Abs

There is some debate among fitness professionals about the best diet food around for weight loss. If you are serious about losing that stubborn fat really desire about getting a flat stomach, getting nice toned legs, losing that back fat and getting an all round well defined body, you have to be serious about understanding and implementing the 3 key foundations on weight loss.

Key number one is you need to do weight training; key number two is that you have to include cardiovascular training and the third one, which a lot of people hate which is dieting.

After reading this article, you will be equipped with some tips on how you can lose load of stubborn body fat. This article demonstrates to you on some low carbohydrate diet foods that you can include into you meals plans conveniently and make your body into a fat burning machine with super high metabolism. You will be saying good-bye to your rebellious belly fat very soon.

Must Have Low Carb Diet Food 1

Remember when your mum says eating fish is good? Well, she is right again. Include fish into your diet will be a wise choice as they contains loads of protein, low in fat and rich in Omega-3. Try to include tuna and salmon into your meals as they contain loads of iron, which can prevent you from getting anemia as well.  Not only that, they are a variety was that you can cook fish and prepare them in a healthy way. My favorite is grilled salmon or eating tuna out of a can, which I find it phenomenolly handy.

Must Have Low Carb Diet Food 2

How about shellfish? Make sure you are not allergic to it or you will run into some deep trouble. Include some shrimp, oysters and clams into your diet. Eat them moderately and also perhaps 3 times a week. They are delicious and easy to prepare. Many restaurants out there serve shrimps that you can dip with some sauce. They are tasty and makes your dieting a breeze.

Must Have Low Carb Diet Food 3

This one is just super easy to prepare and also can be ready to be consume in a jiff. A protein shake can be prepared in just a minutes and provides you with loads of protein and also various vitamins and minerals. A shake will usually contain 20 grams of high BV protein. High BV means the absorption rate of the protein in the body is higher. Make sure you choose high quality brands like Muscle Tech, and Optimum Nutrition. Take it once a day and the best time to consume it is after your workout or first thing in the morning.

Must Have Low Carb Diet Food 4
The next on the list is the good old fashion eggs. Do not look down on them. They provide high quality protein and the egg whites contain no cholesterol and fats, just pure high protein. Eggs contain a complete amino acid profile and they can be prepared in many ways. I love to eat it scrambled or stir-fry them with tomatoes and onions. I usually eat about 5 egg whites and it makes me feel like a champ!

Must Have Low Carb Diet Food 5

The powerful lean ground beef is next on the menu. It is low in fat, high in protein, contains lots of iron and vitamin B12. It also contains creatine, which is extremely valuable to the body if you are doing weight training or any sort of high intensity training. Just make sure you choose the 93 percent lean ground beef and prepare them over the grill for a super healthy meal not just for you but for the whole family. Save it with loads of vegetables and make sure you put aside the sauce and not smoother it.

Must Have Low Carb Diet Food 6

Cottage cheese is a wonderful low carb snack. It provides loads of protein and it is a food for champions! In 4 oz of cottage cheese, you get 14 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat and only 3 grams of carbohydrate. You can eat it just like that, easy and convenient.

Must Have Low Carb Diet Food 7

The last but not least, get some salad into your diet. You need to have vegetables and you need lots of it. To make the salad much healthier, the vegetables must be dark green and colorful. Just make sure you go easy on the dressing and you can have large bowls of salad and still lose weight. Make your salad lively by adding in lettuce, endives, cucumbers, tomatoes, baby carrots and radishes. You can also add in a hard-boiled egg and shreds of chicken breast.

So you see, I have provided you with one full day menu of low carb diet food. Combine all of them and 7 small meals spread throughout the day and you will have a metabolism so high that you can melt fat off! I am not joking! Make sure you add in weight training, cardiovascular training and some stretching to gain optimum fat loss!

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