Your First 10K Run

You have been jogging for some time and 5K Running in small trials here and there and your friends have said you should try a 10K miles race. Its very normal to be hesitant at the start of the 10K training because the distance seems very very far away goal.

There is skill and thinking involved in running a 10k and its very very different than just some casual jogging. You must prepare to run 10K miles differently.

First and foremost you must get into the mindset of a runner who will run 10K miles. This is important because you will need to prepare to run for about an hour. What this means is that you are running every kilometer at a 6 minute pace. This will be difficult if you have only jogged for a long time and it will take extra effort in order to get closer to the goal.

In order to run 10K miles you will need to develops the mindset of a runner as we said before and this means you will need to think about training instead of just running. The first step to getting to this mindset is to think about where you are right now in terms of fitness.

 Are you someone who has had weight problems? If so, you will need to do a different training than someone who does not. You would do well to make sure to do Jogging that teaches you how to pace yourself through the kilometers. This would mean that you could pick up the pace and the tempo of your running and take the weight off as you go.

If you are someone who doesn’t have weight problems then you will begin to train as a runner. You need to start stepping up your pace and get more focused on your goal if you are going to run the 10K miles.

What you are looking for is basically to set some goals and move your pace up gradually. If you practice over a year's time you will probably get yourself more into a position to get your 10K miles done.

One way to get your pace moving is to find a personal trainer who can train you to win the 10K miles. What may happen is that you could really make some serious mistakes that could hurt you in the long run.

You should also think about Jogging training three times a week specifically for your 10K miles. You can't just decide one day you want to run a 10K and then a month later run one, you need some time to train as the distance is longer.

Some experts suggest that you first start running at a simple pace and then increase it. Secondly you ca add some resistance training and then add some hills to your work. Also, add weight training for strength and keep running for endurance.
The more structured your running the better you will feel because it will get you closer to your 10K miles goal and this will make you a better runner overall